Future Electronics – Intelligent Sensing: recommended parts and manufacturers


Sensor Hub MCU
Dual-core MCUs (Arm® Cortex®-M0+ and Cortex-M4F) are well suited for intelligent sensor hubs in consumer or industrial applications.

• Cortex-M0+ based sub-system enables system monitoring, Bluetooth® or communication stack hosting, real-time sensor aggregation
• Cortex-M4F based sub-system enables digital signal processing such as sensor fusion engine, audio/acoustic processing, vibration analytics, pattern recognition, environmental sensing and deep neural networks
Cypress PSOC® 6 ; STM STM32WB ; NXP K32W0x are dual-core BLE MCUs

Single-core MCUs can apply when communication link is entirely managed outside or application is cost sensitive for example; ST STM32L4 or L4+; NXP LPC54xxx series or Microchip SAM4L

• ST: X-CUBE-MEMS1 for motion MEMS algorithms for sensor fusion, activity recognition, sensor calibration or X-CUBE-MEMSMIC1 for acoustic algorithm for echo cancellation or array beam forming
• NXP: IOT Sensing Software Dev Kit (ISSDK) to perform fusion and data debugging feature
• Bosch: BSX professional software enables motion sensor fusion and BSEC enabling environmental data fusion for temperature, humidity, air quality.

In addition to BLE, LPWAN can also be the connectivity medium of choice for intelligent sensing applications like smart cities (structural health monitoring, parking or traffic flow management, pollution measurement)
ST S2-LP for Sigfox
Murata CMWX1ZZABZ-078 for LoRaWAN™/Sigfox
NXP OL2385 for Sigfox
Microchip RN2483/RN2903 for LoRaWan and ATA8520 for Sigfox
Sierra Wireless HL78xx ; WP77xx or Gemalto ENS31/EMS31/ELS61 covering NB-IOT or LTE-CATM1 cellular LPWAN

Wi-Fi® for infrastructure
Cypress WICED software (running on Cypress silicon-based Murata module) provides a highly customisable Wi-Fi / BT software framework supporting networking protocols, cloud platform, security (Wi-Fi and networking like TLS) – enabled by Future Nebula board
Microchip WINC1500 or WILCxxxx modules provide proven interoperability
• Panasonic Wi-Fi modules such as PAN9420

Future Electronics also provides a solution for IOlink slave wired industrial connectivity such as ST’s L6362A or IDT’s ZIOL2201/2401

Future electronics provides a wide range of sensors for a multitude of applications (consumer, industrial and automotive grade). This includes:
• Motion or shock mems sensors (NXP, ST, ROHM Semiconductor, BOSCH Sensortec, TE, Murata)
• Position sensors
• Environmental (pressure, humidity, gas, dust, light and colour) from NXP, ST, IDT, Bosch, Panasonic
• Acoustic: microphones and related processors
• Analogue front-end for high-end sensors (linearisation, calibration) such as IDT’s ZSCxxxxx / ZSSCxxxx sensor conditioners
• Image sensors from ON Semiconductor or ams

Power Supply
• Rohm Semiconductor’s buck BD70522GUL (180nA Iq) or BD83070QWL buck boost
• Wireless charging for sealed, water- or dust-proof sensor node
• ST’s STWLC04, NXP’s MWPR1516, ROHM Semiconductor’s BD57015GWL
• Many options for battery chargers, fuel gauge or even energy-harvesting circuits