News In Brief – Featuring Murata, Lumileds & Cypress Semiconductor



Module combines USB data communication and power supply

Murata has introduced the NMUSB2022PMC, a surface-mount powered data isolator module which provides dual-port USB data and power isolation from a single upstream port. When used in conjunction with a USB host, a single NMUSB2022PMC module operates as two USB hubs for cascaded applications, and provides a 5V/500mA power supply to each downstream port. Reinforced isolation of 250Vrms provides safety, immunity to EMI and breaking of ground loops.

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Launch of two-die mid-power LED for general lighting applications

Lumileds has launched the LUXEON 3030 2D, a two-die mid-power LED with a square light-emitting surface. The new LED is a reliable, high-flux light source for general lighting applications such as downlights, high-bay and low-bay fixtures and outdoor lighting.

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New sensing solutions for industrial designs incorporating metals
Cypress Semiconductor has unveiled the PSoC® 4700 series of microcontrollers which uses inductive sensing to detect touch inputs in products which have metal surfaces. The PSoC 4700 makes inductive sensing as easy to use as Cypress’ popular CapSense® solutions for capacitive sensing.

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