NXP – IoT rapid prototyping board includes on-board motion sensors and altimeter


NXP Semiconductors supplies a board which provides a development platform for sensor-rich Internet of Things (IoT) nodes.

The Rapid IoT Prototyping Kit, which has the orderable part number SLN-RPK-NODE, is supplied with a comprehensive suite of tools and software, including a real-time operating system, drivers, middleware, applications for the iOS and Android mobile operating environments, and cloud connectivity. It is also supported by NXP’s MCUXpresso software development kit and configuration tool.

The kit has a Kinetis K64F microcontroller with a 120MHz Arm® Cortex®-M4 core as its central element, and supports Bluetooth® Low Energy, Thread and ZigBee® wireless connectivity. It provides a capable platform for the implementation of many of the sensor functions required in IoT devices. The Rapid IoT Prototyping Kit’s board includes:

  • The FXAS21002C, a complete three-axis digital gyroscope in a compact QFN package. It supports full-scale measurement ranges up to ±2,000°/s.
  • The FXOS8700CQ, a motion sensor system-on-chip consisting of a 14-bit accelerometer and a 16-bit magnetometer with a high-performance ASIC. The device provides an eCompass solution capable of a typical orientation resolution of ±0.1° and <±5° compass heading accuracy in most applications.
  • The MPL3115A2, a compact piezoresistive absolute pressure sensor with an I2C interface. Its pressure measurement range supports operation in altimeter applications at any surface elevation on Earth.

Other sensor options include a temperature sensor, air-quality sensor, ambient light sensor and capacitive touch sensor. The kit can be easily expanded by using compatible MikroElektronika Click modules.


  • MC34671 battery charger IC
  • PCF2123 real-time clock
  • NX3P191 power switches
  • NX3L2267GU analogue switch


  • IoT equipment
    • Smart home/smart building
    • Smart cities
    • Industrial
    • Smart appliances
    • Unmanned land vehicles
    • Drones
  • Designs needing a small form factor, low power and low cost

Orderable Part Number: SLN-RPK-NODE