Panasonic – High-density PIR motion sensor detects presence of human body over range of up to 17m


Panasonic has extended its PaPIRs family of passive infrared presence-detection sensors with new long-distance types which are capable of detecting a human body up to 17m away. The long-distance PaPIRs sensors feature a very small optic, enabling easy integration into space-constrained housings.

The new long-distance pyroelectric sensors are additions to two series of PaPIRs devices:
• the EKMC sensors, which feature stand-by current of 170μA
• the low-power EKMB sensors for battery-free and battery-operated devices. The EKMB devices’ stand-by current is 1μA ,2μA or 6μA.

The quad sensor-based design offers a very high detection-zone density of 128 to give a reliable response even over long distances. The detection area is circular and symmetrical: this simplifies integration and assembly of the sensor into the end product, because its field of view is not directional.

A special lens design with an additional lip allows fast integration into applications which require an Ingress Protection (IP) rating, with the addition of an o-ring or other sealing device.


  • Detection area:
    • 16m2 at 12m range
    • 23.5m2 at 17m range
  • Lens diameter: 19.3mm minimum, 20.45mm maximum
  • Outputs:
    • Digital – open-collector output
    • Analogue – operating amplifier output
  • Lens colours: white, pearl white and black


  • Lighting controls
  • Street lights
  • Security cameras