Sensirion – Combined CO2, humidity and temperature sensor module supports HVAC and indoor air-quality applications


The cost-competitive SCD30 sensor module from Sensirion combines CMOSens® Technology for infrared gas detection with a humidity and temperature sensor to enable the highly accurate, stable measurement of absolute Carbon Dioxide (CO2) concentrations in ambient air.

The 7mm-high module has a footprint of just 35mm x 23mm, which means that it can easily be integrated into a wide range of end-product designs.

CO2 measurements captured by the SCD30 module can play an important role in modern air-quality management applications, because the concentration of CO2 is a key indicator of indoor air quality. Since the introduction of strict energy-consumption standards and better insulation, homes have become increasingly efficient, but air quality can suffer as a result. Active ventilation is needed to maintain a comfortable and healthy indoor environment, and to improve the well-being and productivity of residents. The accurate and stable CO2, temperature and humidity measurements provided by Sensirion’s SCD30 enable manufacturers to develop new solutions that both increase energy efficiency and support well-being.

With the benefit of algorithms developed by Sensirion for the modelling of, and compensation for, the effect of external sources of heat, the SCD30 is able to produce accurate measurements of ambient humidity and temperature without the requirement for any additional components. The module also implements a dual-channel technique for the measurement of CO2 concentrations which provides automatic compensation for long-term drift.


  • NDIR measurement principle
  • Built-in reference channel
  • Built-in temperature compensation of CO2 measurements
  • Fully calibrated and linearised
  • UART and I2C interfaces


  • Demand-controlled ventilation
  • HVAC equipment
  • Air conditioners
  • Air purifiers
  • Smart home equipment
  • IoT devices

Sensirion’s SEK-Environmental Sensing evaluation kit enables the quick and easy evaluation of Sensirion’s environmental sensors. It combines plug-and-play hardware with easy-to-use viewer software for in-depth evaluation. Each evaluation kit includes a Sensirion SensorBridge, connector cables and sensor samples.

Orderable Part Number: SEK-SCD30