TE Connectivity – Solid-state relays offer good thermal performance when switching loads up to 40A


TE Connectivity’s (TE) Potter & Brumfield SSRDC series of solid-state relays uses DC switching technology with efficient FETs which dissipate little waste heat.

Coupling between the low-voltage control signal and the high-voltage power output is achieved with optical technology, enabling the relays to provide high isolation of 1,500V DC.

The SSRDC series relays are suitable for use in applications that have DC loads, reliably switching up to 40A to the load.

TE recommends that the base of the SSRDC device is mounted on a heat-sink to ensure that it operates within its rated temperature conditions. The base of the relay is formed of aluminium to provide for good thermal conductivity.

Part NumberMaximum Load CurrentMaximum Operating Voltage
2330274-112A200V DC with DC input
2330274-225A200V DC with DC input
2330274-340A200V DC with DC input


  • Standard hockey-puck package
  • Chassis-mount style
  • UL recognised


  • Industrial machinery
  • Transportation
  • Building controls