Vishay – Demo kit enables rapid evaluation of light, colour and proximity sensors


The SensorXplorer™ is a demonstration kit for evaluating the Vishay digital sensors featured on sensor boards provided by Vishay. These boards, along with their respective software modules, can be used to demonstrate and test each sensor’s functions, allowing the user to quickly understand how various settings affect the sensor’s outputs.

The SensorXplorer board includes a USB-to-I2C interface chip, a 3.3V regulator, indicator LEDs, and multiple general-purpose I/Os to control the operation of each board and to allow data to be read and displayed on a PC.

Various optical sensor boards compatible with the SensorXplorer kit are available, including boards for the VCNL4xxx series of proximity and ambient light sensors and the VEML60xx series of colour and light sensors.


  • Micro-USB cable
  • Connector to support future add-on boards
  • Sensor board connectors
  • Test pins for connection of an external oscilloscope or other instrument


  • Proximity sensing
  • Colour sensing
  • Ambient light sensing


Orderable Part Number: SENSOREXPLORER