Hirose – High-speed board-to-board connector has multi-functional contacts


Hirose’s FX18 series of connectors, which supports data rates of higher than 10Gbits/s, is suited to use in applications which transfer communications signals at high speed from board to board.

The connector features advanced multi-functional contact arrangements which consist of ground contacts, power-supply contacts and three-step sequential contacts.

The ground contacts provide superior grounding properties and are positioned next to the differential pair contacts to reduce crosstalk.

The power contacts supply up to 3A per pin, which means that the signal contacts do not have to be used to supply power. The total current rating of the FX18 connector is 12A.

The three-step sequential contacts are set back in different positions within the housing so that the ground contacts make first contact, followed by the signal contacts and finally the contacts for the detection of the mating contacts.

Six through-hole pins are provided to increase the retention force between the connector and the board, giving strong resistance to wrenching forces. Large mating guides are provided on the header to provide a smooth, secure and user-friendly mating operation. Keyed guides with integral chamfers prevent incorrect insertion.

Visible solder joints, space for rework and the option of pin-in-hole intrusive reflow reduce manual soldering process time.


  • Contact positions: 40, 60, 80, 100, 120, 140
  • 0.8mm pitch
  • 100V voltage rating
  • Right-angle, vertical and co-planar versions available


  • Medical equipment
  • Base transmitter stations
  • Displays
  • Industrial controllers