Future Electronics – Important Passive Components Market Update

Future Electronics is the world’s leading distributor of Capacitors, with the world’s largest available to sell inventory

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Today, the electronics industry is facing severe and unprecedented shortages of capacitors, resistors, and power inductors. According to our franchised suppliers, these shortages may continue unresolved for years, creating tremendous uncertainty in the market. This unprecedented and severe gap between supply and demand has rarely been seen in the history of our industry. And with market demand continuing to far exceed current levels of manufacturing capacity, many Capacitor manufacturers have been on allocation with very extended product lead times for almost 18 months.

As a valued customer of Future Electronics, your continuity of supply is always our top priority and we are committed to help you get through this challenging shortage market, and maintain production, and avoid line down situations.

To ensure we would have the hard-to-get parts available for your production lines, our Product Marketing teams worldwide have been working very closely with our manufacturing partners for numerous months to buy and stock large volumes of capacitor inventory.

I’m happy to be able to tell you that at this time, our receiving docks in Memphis, Liepzig, and Singapore are very busy due to our suppliers continuing to ship us large volumes of allocated capacitors in order to help us in supporting your needs.

We are in the best position in the industry to help you today. We will do our very best, every time, to satisfy your immediate Capacitor requirements.

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