Panasonic – High-power relays offer silent, reliable switching capability


The new AQZ-G series of high-power PhotoMOS® relays from Panasonic Electric Works combines the benefits of traditional electro-mechanical relays with the capability of a state-of-the-art semiconductor-based solid-state relay.

The AQZ-G series relays perform reliable, silent switching of AC and DC loads up to 600V or 6A while remaining immune to mechanical wear and tear. The relays are housed in a compact four-pin Single In-Line (SIL) package with a footprint of 21mm x 3.5mm. It is 12.5mm high.

Parts in the AQZ-G series include the AQZ202G, which has an output rating of 60V and 6A, and the AQZ206G2, which handles outputs of up to 600V and 1A. The relays provide isolation of 2,500Vrms.

The AQZ-G series is notable for its high power efficiency: on-resistance is 15mΩ, and a current of just 3mA is sufficient to actuate the LED at the input.

This means that the AQZ-G relays are ideal in control circuits in devices such as heating elements, motors or lamps. The low on-resistance means that there is little variation in the relay’s operation over temperature, making it suitable for applications in measurement and testing, especially when a consistent loop resistance or limiting voltage drop at the switching contact are vital.

Unlike conventional solid-state relays, the AQZ-G relays are also capable of switching very low signal loads without error. A low offset voltage enables control of low-level analogue signals with no distortion.


  • Low LED forward current
  • Operating-temperature range: -40°C to 85°C
  • 10μA off-state leakage current
  • 10ms maximum turn-on time
  • 3ms maximum turn-off time


  • Traffic signals
  • Measuring instruments
  • Industrial machines
  • Replacement of mercury relays