STMicroelectronics – Secure element for Sigfox network equipment & Protection against counterfeiting for consumables and accessories


The STSAFE-A1SX is a secure element IC which provides security services for data exchanges over a Sigfox low-power wide-area network. It is supplied with Sigfox network keys pre-loaded on the IC.

The STSAFE-A1SX provides a plug-and-play solution which allows Sigfox Ready™ IoT devices to connect to a Sigfox network while maintaining data integrity and confidentiality. It is a highly secure, tamper-resistant solution based on a certified, secure EAL5+ Common Criteria chip on top of which runs a dedicated, secure operating system.

The STSAFE-A1SX is intended for use in industrial equipment, utility and metering systems and transportation.

● AES-128 cryptographic functions
● 6kbytes of configurable non-volatile memory
● I2C interface
● Unique serial number on each die


Protection against counterfeiting for consumables and accessories

The STSAFE-A100 from STMicroelectronics is a secure element which provides authentication and data-management services to a local or remote host. It consists of a secure operating system running on the latest generation of secure microcontrollers.

It is ideal for authentication of consumables and accessories, thus protecting the brand value of a manufacturer’s peripheral products. It is suitable for integration into IoT devices, smart home, smart city and industrial applications and consumer electronics devices.

The STSAFE-A100’s security features include advanced asymmetric and symmetric cryptography. It implements elliptic curve cryptography and the elliptic curve digital signature algorithm, and the secure hash algorithm for digital signature generation and verification. It also supports the elliptic curve Diffie-Hellman protocol for key establishment.

● EAL5+ AVA_VAN5 Common Criteria-certified secure MCU
● On-chip key-pair generation
● Usage monitoring with secure counters
● 6kbytes of configurable non-volatile memory
● I2C interface