STMicroelectronics – Security to the fore in family of Arm Cortex-M4-based MCUs


Designers of secure embedded systems can now take advantage of the most comprehensive set of security functions ever to be offered by the STM32 family of Arm® Cortex® core-based 32-bit microcontrollers from STMicroelectronics.

The STM32L4+ series combines important security and safety functions in high-performance MCUs based on the Arm Cortex-M4 processor core operating at a frequency of up to 120MHz. The security features of the STM32L4+ MCUs include:

● Anti-tamper detection
● Memory protection unit
● Unique ID
● AES-256 and SHA-256 encryption
● JTAG fuse
● True random number generator
● Software IP protection
● One-time programmable memory zone
● Clock security system
● SRAM parity check
● Error Correction Code (ECC) for bit-error prevention in Flash memory

The STM32L4+ family extends the capabilities of the earlier STM32L4 parts, which are also based on a Cortex-M4 core. The STM32L4+ MCUs provide faster processor performance, more embedded memory – up to 2Mbytes of Flash memory and 640kbytes of SRAM – and richer graphics and connectivity features while maintaining best‐in‐class low‐power operation.

STM32L4+ microcontrollers offer dynamic voltage scaling to balance power consumption against processor overhead, as well as low‐power peripherals such as a low-power UART interface and low-power timers.

The new STM32L4+ series also provides advanced graphics features. The Chrom‐ART Accelerator™, ST’s proprietary 2D hardware graphic accelerator, efficiently handles repetitive graphics operations, releasing the CPU to perform real-time processing functions.

The graphics and display features in the STM32L4+ MCUs allow the designer to realise a smartphone‐like graphical user interface in a single‐chip architecture.


  • USART, I2C and serial peripheral interfaces
  • Dual quad-SPI memory interfaces
  • 16- and 32-bit timers
  • Serial audio interface
  • CAN interface
  • Camera interface
  • Two 12-bit DACs
  • Temperature sensor


  • Secure embedded systems
  • Consumer electronics
  • Industrial equipment
  • Medical devices

This STM32L4+ Discovery kit enables users to prototype applications which offer very good energy efficiency, as well as stunning audio and graphics rendering with direct support for a round colour display.

Orderable Part Number: STM32L4R9I-DISCO