STMicroelectronics – Thermal simulator for power systems built with VIPower drivers, switches or H-bridges



TwisterSIM is an electro-thermal simulator from STMicroelectronics which helps to accelerate the power-system design process for users of the company’s VIPower series of power ICs. It supports a wide selection of low- and high-side drivers and switches, and H-bridges for motor-control systems.

TwisterSIM shortens the design cycle for automotive applications by enabling the user to carry out, in a few clicks, complex engineering evaluations with accurate simulations. With TwisterSIM, users can perform:
• Load-compatibility analysis
• Wiring harness optimization
• Fault condition impact analysis
• Diagnostic behavior analysis
• Dynamic thermal performance analysis

A built-in interactive selector provides a shortlist of suitable VIPower devices based on basic system specifications. It helps the designer to configure the final application by supporting layout, load and driving-profile customizations.

Simulation results, including junction and case thermal profiles, load current and diagnostic behaviour, are shown on dedicated oscilloscope views. They may also be exported in a number of commonly used formats.

A trial version is available for download free at


  • Supply-voltage and input-signal source selection
  • Load type selection
  • Wire harness selection
  • Ambient temperature selection
  • VIPower technology tutorial
  • User manual


  • Exterior and interior automotive lighting
  • DC motors for seat adjustment
  • Door locks and window lifts
  • Resistive heaters