Triad – Triad’s 50/60Hz World Series Transformers

With more than 70 years of transformer design and manufacturing experience, Triad now offers over 500 different power transformers that are available off-the-shelf from the industry’s leading distributor network. In today’s shrinking world and global market, it is essential to design products that can be delivered worldwide. For this reason, Triad has designed one of the industry’s most complete offerings of international power transformers. Triad’s World Series Transformers range in power from 1.1VA to 10kVA. Most have configurable 120/240V primaries with output voltages that range from 5.0 to 240V AC. They are UL recognised and TÜV tested to IEC global safety standards. They can be customised to your requirements and are backed by our world-class service.


-C2 PC Mount Split Pack Class 2/3
With dual primaries, -C2 Split Pack™ Transformers are the only device of their type with TÜV approval and are UL 5085-1 and 3 recognized. They utilize a Class F 155°C insulation system and can be used in myriad applications requiring inherently/ non-inherently limited transformers.

• Split bobbin design
• No electrostatic shielding required
• Use in series, parallel or separate circuits
• High isolation between secondaries

• Frequency: 50/60Hz
• Electrical rating: 1.1 to 36VA
• Nominal secondary voltage: 5 to 56V
• HIPOT dielectric: 4200V AC

• Commercial food and beverage equipment
• Motor speed controls
• Industrial controls
• Timers


VPP PC Mount Transformers
Triad’s VPP PC Mount World Series™ Transformers are an advanced line of more than 40 quality transformers. They are perfect for board-level applications requiring the added safety and security of insulating shrouds over the windings. They are also UL 5085-1 and 2/3 recognized.
• Dual bobbin construction
• Insulating shroud meets UL V0 flammability specs
• No electrostatic shielding needed

• Frequency: 50/60Hz
• Electrical rating: 2.5 to 56VA
• Secondary voltage range between 5 to 36V

• Battery charging
• Spa controls
• Soft drink machines
• Security access and control


VPL Chassis Mount Transformer
Triad’s VPL Series is similar to the VPP Series, but with chassis mounting and leads. The VPL sets the industry standard with European-style split bobbins. These leaded devices meet all international safety agency standards.

• Low inter-winding capacitance requires no electrostatic shielding
• 3500V isolation between primary and secondary
• Compact footprint

• Frequency: 50/60Hz
• Electrical rating: 5 to 56VA
• Secondary voltage between 5 to 36V

• Building and plant equipment
• Lighting
• Temperature controls
• Material handling


VPM Medical Toroidal Mount
Triad’s VPM Series offers output power up to 10kVA and are UL recognized and CE certified for medical applications. They feature toroidal construction with dual secondaries, allowing for both series or parallel connections. Faraday and flux band shield maintains low leakage current and low stray fields, respectively.

• Dual secondary windings for series or parallel connections
• Low leakage current and low stray fields.
• Low temp rise: 25°C to 55°C

• Frequency: 50/60Hz
• Primary: 100, 120, 220 or 240V AC
• Electrical rating: 25 to 10,000VA
• Insulation Class F: 155°C

• Hospital equipment
• Biomedical equipment
• Test equipment
• Audio equipment


VPT Toroidal Mount
Triad’s VPT Series features a compact toroidal design, which is cost effective and efficient with higher power density and reduced magnetic fields. They are approved to UL 5085-1 and 2, CE IEC 61558-1, and CE IEC 61558-2-6 with Class B insulation for use up to 130°C.

• Isolated dual primary and secondary coils
• Class B (130°C) rated insulation
• High efficiency

• Frequency: 50/60Hz
• Electrical rating: 25 to 2500VA
• Secondary voltage from 6 to 230V

• Sound reproduction
• Power system equipment
• Production equipment


VPS Chassis Mount Quick Connect
Triad’s VPS Chassis Mount Transformers are chassis-mount devices requiring higher power up to 175VA. They meet major U.S. and global standards (CSA, IEC and UL). They are among the industry’s most versatile transformers.

• Dual bobbin design with insulating shroud
• Meets global safety standards
• Quick disconnect connection

• Frequency: 50/60Hz
• Electrical rating: 25 to 175VA
• Secondary voltage range between 5 to 230V

• Oil/gas equipment
• Conveyor ovens
• Heat exchangers
• Music equipment