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Vishay – Demo kit enables rapid evaluation of light, colour and proximity sensors

The SensorXplorer™ is a demonstration kit for evaluating the Vishay digital sensors featured on sensor boards provided by Vishay. These boards, along with their respective software modules, can be used to demonstrate and test each sensor’s functions, allowing the user to quickly understand how various settings affect the sensor’s outputs. The SensorXplorer board includes a […]


OSRAM – Users set to gain health and well-being benefits from new generation of human-centric lighting schemes

By Andreas Wojtysiak, Nicolai Heber and Peter Bach, OSRAM The LED has emerged in the 21st century as the dominant light-source technology, largely supplanting the traditional incandescent technologies that illuminated buildings throughout the previous century. Originally, the appeal of LED lighting systems rested largely on their long operating lifetime and their high efficacy. Improvements to […]


TT Electronics – Reflective optical sensor combines reliability with high immunity to interference from ambient light

TT Electronics has introduced the Photologic® V OPB9000 reflective optical sensor module for industrial and medical applications. The sensor provides dependable edge and presence detection of reflective media under a wide range of ambient light conditions. The OPB9000 sensor provides a CMOS logic output, and offers programmable sensitivity and output polarity settings. Its very high […]