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Circuit Centre – Overview

Drone technology Drones, properly known as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), are enjoying a surge in sales, and this has attracted interest from manufacturers of control, power, sensing, imaging and communications components, which play a crucial role in the functioning of a drone. Of particular importance to a drone is the motor system design: the motor […]


Everspin – Non-volatile MRAM lets systems store more data, more often

Available in densities up to 16Mbits, the Everspin range of Magneto- resistive RAM (MRAM) memory devices combines the speed and unlimited endurance of SRAM with the non- volatility of Flash. The use of MRAM allows designers to create products that store more data, more often than is possible with the use of older non- volatile […]


Cypress – PSoC MCU dev kit features touch-sensing buttons and wireless connectivity

A new prototyping kit from Cypress enables customers to evaluate and develop projects using the PSoC 4000S, a family of programmable system-on-chip controller ICs. PSoC 4000S devices feature an ARM® Cortex®-M0+ processor core, up to 32kbytes of Flash memory, 4kbytes of SRAM, up to 36 general purpose I/Os all capable of CapSense® capacitive sensing, as […]


STMicroelectronics – Low-power RF transceiver provides link budget of more than 140dB

STMicroelectronics’ S2-LP is an ultra low-power RF transceiver intended for RF wireless applications operating at frequencies below 1GHz. It is suitable for use in the licence-free ISM and Short-Range Devices (SRD) frequency bands at 433MHz, 868MHz and 920MHz, but can also be programmed to operate at other frequencies in the 430-470MHz or 860- 940MHz bands. […]