FTM March 2018 EMEA Edition


Application Spotlight: Intelligent Lighting Featured Articles from: STMicroelectronics – New IR laser sensor performs ranging measurements over distances up to 4m Cypress – Inventek IoT solutions for commercial LED lighting, powered by Cypress WICED connectivity and PSoC MCU technology Nichia – Launch of white LED that offers ultra-high CRI Future Electronics – Effective design methods […]

ams – Tunable White Lighting… Simplified!


The AS7221 and AS7225 smart lighting manager and director, from optical sensing leader ams AG, bring luminaire manufacturers and integrators the world’s first chip-scale tunable-white integrated lighting “system-on-chip” solutions. The addition of closed loop optical sensing delivers the added benefit of optimizing overall system architecture by enabling tunable-white solutions from a single channel driver, while […]

C&K – Innovative anti-tampering switch protects smart meters and alarms from piracy


The new ATS series of switches from C&K offers an extended lifetime and instant detection capability for use in connected products such as smart meters, alarms and point-of-sale terminals. The ATS switches provide a cost-effective option for applications which require the ability to reliably detect opening or hacking of devices. Standard ATS series switches have […]

Cypress & Inventek Systems – Inventek IoT solutions for commercial LED lighting, powered by Cypress WICED connectivity and PSoC MCU technology


By Greg Phillips, CTO Cloud Architecture at Inventek Systems, Inc. For many years, the commercial lighting space was dominated by fluorescent tube lighting. While these provided significant savings over the use of incandescent lighting, they suffered from serious performance, maintenance, and use issues. These included short lifespan, wide colour temperature variation, random flickering and hum, […]

Decawave – Development board enables fast deployment of real-time location systems


DecaWave has introduced the DWM1001-DEV, a development board which helps system designers to accelerate the integration of Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS) into various types of end-products. The DWM1001-DEV includes a combined Bluetooth® Low Energy and ultra-wideband DWM1001 transceiver module, battery connector and charging circuit, LEDs, buttons, and Raspberry Pi and USB connectors. The transceiver is […]

Diodes Incorporated – Offline PFC controller features low stand-by power consumption


Diodes Incorporated has introduced the AL1788 high-performance AC-DC constant-voltage and Power Factor Correction (PFC) controller. Offering a combination of high PFC, low Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) and low stand-by power, it is well suited to use in commercial applications and connected lighting. Based on a platform that supports both flyback and buck topologies, the AL1788 […]

Future Electronics – Effective design methods for future-proofing new smart lighting equipment


By Adil Sidiqi, Field Applications Engineer Future Lighting Solutions Companies such as Google, Amazon, Apple and Microsoft are hungrily eyeing the opportunity to serve customers who might, one day, have almost every electrically-powered object that they own connected to the internet. Through products and services such as Google’s Nest and Amazon’s Echo with Alexa voice […]

Future Electronics – The challenge of addressing the ‘IoT effect’ which is disrupting the lighting industry


At the beginning of this century, the lighting industry faced the biggest technological disruption to take place since the invention of the light bulb. The introduction of LEDs for lighting applications has led to an almost complete reconfiguration of the luminaire manufacturing supply chain, as well as to a radical rethinking of product designs and […]

Hirose – FPC/FFC connectors robust enough for use in automotive applications


Hirose has introduced the FH52 series, a family of Flat Flexible Cable/Flat Printed Circuit (FFC/FPC) connectors which meet the stringent requirements of automotive applications. The connector housing incorporates a robust locking structure which ensures that the actuator cannot be removed even under rough operating conditions. The rotating actuator is supported by the tips of the […]

IDT – Sensor signal conditioner with on-board DSP performs compensation and correction


The ZSSC3018 from IDT is a sensor signal conditioner IC which provides accurate amplification and digitisation of differential or pseudo-differential input signals. Intended for use in circuits containing a high-resolution sensor module, the ZSSC3018 can perform offset, span, and first- and second-order temperature compensation of the measured signal. Corrected sensor values are provided at the […]