FTM October 2017 EMEA Edition


Application Spotlight: Embedded & HMI Featured Articles from: Vishay – Low-profile power inductors save space in portable electronics devices STMicroelectronics – How an MCU’s accelerator block renders sophisticated 2D graphics without affecting the CPU NXP – New ‘crossover’ processor marries high performance and integration with ease of use Microsemi – Splash Kit supports development with […]

C&K – Tact switches offer wide choice of size, haptics and resistance options


The KSC series of tactile switches from C&K Switches offers important customisation options to meet most application requirements. The excellent performance characteristics that these devices can offer are the result of more than 15 years of development by C&K to improve their performance and quality and to extend the product options. In fact, the KSC […]

CUI INC – DC switching regulators combine economy and performance


CUI’s Power Group has added four new series to its family of non-isolated DC switching regulators. The VX78-500, VXO78-500, VX78-1000 and VXO78- 1000 series offer both economical pricing and a high level of performance, providing a direct alternative to the use of linear regulators. These switching regulators are footprint- compatible with LM78xx and LM79xx regulators […]



LOWEST POWER Advanced Ultra-low-power 40-nm process Dynamic voltage and frequency scaling (DVFS with PLL/FLL) Active power as low as 22μA/MHz (Cortex®-M4) PSoC POSSIBILITY Bluetooth 5.0 radio with 2-Mbps data throughput Software-Defined Peripherals Industry-leading CapSense® SCALABLE SECURITY Secure Boot Hardware-based Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) with secure data storage Advanced cryptographic accelerator block supports ECC, AES128, SHA1/2/3 […]

Diodes Incorporated – High-voltage DC-DC controller provides for very low stand-by power losses


The AP3108L from Diodes Inc is a current-mode PWM DC-DC converter controller which supports high- voltage start-up operation. The device is intended for use in offline power supplies that require very low stand-by power consumption, high power density and a comprehensive set of protection functions. When used in secondary-side USB Power Delivery and rapid charger […]

Future Electronics – Sleek, colourful, sophisticated: the embedded HMI comes of age


Sebastien Lozac’h Vertical Segment Manager (Embedded Solutions) Future Electronics The Application Spotlight theme of this issue of FTM, the Future Technology Magazine from Future Electronics, is embedded design and the Human-Machine Interface (HMI). In this spotlight section, you can find the latest components and technologies for advanced HMI designs, including: application examples from STMicroelectronics showing […]

Future Electronics – Smartphone UI quality in an embedded system: the capability of new graphics hardware in today’s microcontrollers


By John Robins Business Development Manager for Embedded Solutions Future Electronics (EMEA) Only a few years ago, a microcontroller’s graphics capability was limited to rendering monochrome lines or patterns and simple images on a plain background for display on a small, low-resolution display. A typical example is the set of small display screens in the […]

Hirose – Shorter USB Type-C receptacle saves space in densely populated board layouts


Hirose has developed a mid-mount USB Type-C receptacle which offers a compact footprint to save board space. The new CX series connector, which conforms to the specifications of the USB 3.1 standard, is only 8.35mm deep. By comparison, conventional USB Type-C connectors are longer, up to 9.4mm. The use of the new smaller connector frees […]

Lumileds – New 1,700 lumen single-die LED offers 50% higher flux and 60% lower thermal resistance than competing devices


The new LUXEON V from Lumileds is the company’s highest flux-density LED, offering a maximum 1,700 lumen output from a package with a compact 4.0mm x 4.0mm footprint. The LUXEON V single-die LED can be driven harder than other LEDs in its class because of revolutionary new die and packaging technologies developed by Lumileds. The […]

Lumileds – New infrared LED emitters provide high radiant power and intensity


Lumileds has introduced two new series of LUXEON infrared (IR) LED emitters operating at 840nm and 950nm wavelengths which offer radiant-power and radiant-intensity specifications suitable for a wide variety of applications. The LUXEON IR Compact line of LEDs has a small and well-defined light-source geometry which allows their light to be easily coupled into secondary […]