FTM July / August 2018 EMEA Edition


Application Spotlight: Security and Encryption Featured Articles from: Panasonic – High-power relays offer silent, reliable switching capability NXP – ‘Plug and trust’ secure element provides easy way to deploy secure IoT connections OSRAM – Specialist LED modules for retail displays highlight the appeal of food and clothing Future Electronics – How innovative LED package technology […]

Future Electronics – Important Passive Components Market Update


Future Electronics is the world’s leading distributor of Capacitors, with the world’s largest available to sell inventory Watch the Video to get an Important Passive Components Market Update Today, the electronics industry is facing severe and unprecedented shortages of capacitors, resistors, and power inductors. According to our franchised suppliers, these shortages may continue unresolved for […]

C&K – New sealed power toggle switch resists dirt, dust and moisture


C&K has announced the launch of its PT series of sealed power toggle switches. These highly robust switches which are extremely resistant to dirt, dust and moisture are intended for use in harsh or challenging conditions, such as in off-road vehicles and outdoor construction equipment. The PT series switches can operate reliably when doused by […]

Diodes Incorporated – Compact TVS diode protects high-speed USB and Thunderbolt interfaces


Diodes Incorporated has introduced the DESD3V3Z1BCSF-7 TVS diode, which provides ESD protection to the high-speed I/O ports of advanced Systems-on-Chip (SoCs) featuring differential signal lines running at frequencies of 5GHz and higher. The DESD3V3Z1BCSF-7 is ideal for the protection of high-speed interfaces such as USB 3.1/3.2, Thunderbolt™ 3, PCI Express® 3.0/4.0, HDMI 2.0a and DisplayPort™ […]

EATON – Cylindrical 3V supercaps provide emergency back-up power source for industrial equipment


Eaton’s TV series of cylindrical supercapacitors uses an Electro-chemical Double Layer Capacitor (EDLC) construction combined with proprietary materials and processes to give very high energy storage capacity in a small volume. This combination of advanced technologies allows Eaton to offer a wide variety of capacitor solutions in applications for back-up power, pulse power and hybrid […]

Future Electronics – How innovative LED package technology enables new solid-state lighting designs


The popular high-power LEDs in use today are all formed of three basic elements: ● A ceramic substrate, generally made of aluminium oxide (also known as alumina) or of aluminium nitride. ● The LED chip, consisting of a die and a phosphor coating. This is affixed on top of the substrate. ● An overmoulded silicone […]

Future Electronics – How new components for the IoT help balance security with convenience, cost and power


Amar Abid-Ali Vertical Segment Director Future Electronics In tandem with the electronics industry’s move to migrate almost every type of product and application to the Internet of Things, it is also grappling with the requirement to secure all of these newly connected devices from threats to system integrity and privacy. Implementing security technology always comes […]

Future Electronics – Secure, connected device: recommended parts


Microcontroller (MCU), microprocessor (MPU) More microcontrollers with dedicated security functions are coming on to the market. Those developed according to security standards help OEMs to gain security certification, and provide the highest level of protection against probing and physical attack. Cypress Semiconductor PSoC® 6 family including the PSoC 63, with integrated Bluetooth® Low Energy radio […]

Hirose – High-speed board-to-board connector has multi-functional contacts


Hirose’s FX18 series of connectors, which supports data rates of higher than 10Gbits/s, is suited to use in applications which transfer communications signals at high speed from board to board. The connector features advanced multi-functional contact arrangements which consist of ground contacts, power-supply contacts and three-step sequential contacts. The ground contacts provide superior grounding properties […]