FTM September 2018 EMEA Edition


Application Spotlight: Signal Chain Featured Articles from: ON Semiconductor – Bluetooth Low Energy system-in-package includes radio transceiver and antenna Circuit Centre – Signal Chain Vishay – Apples to apples? Considerations when substituting polymer and tantalum capacitors for MLCCs STMicroelectronics – 32-bit MCU features rich set of analog functions for signal-chain applications Future Electronics – Maximising […]

Future Electronics – Signal Chain


Recommended Parts Microcontrollers 8-bit Arm® Cortex® M0/M0+/M23 Microchip PIC16/18 ATMegaxxPB ATSAML1x ATSAMD ATSAMC STMicroelectronics STM8 STM32L0 STM32F0 NXP Semiconductors Kinetis L LPC8xx Cypress Semiconductor PSoC 4 Cortex M4/PIC32 STMicroelectronics STM32F4 STM32L4/L4+ NXP Semiconductors Kinetis K LPC546xx Microchip PIC32MX PIC32MZ SAM4E ATSAMD5x/ATSAME5x Cypress Semiconductor FM4 Cortex M7 STMicroelectronics STM32F7 STM32H7 NXP Semiconductors iMX RT Microchip ATSAMS70/E70/V7x […]

News In Brief Featuring Cypress, ams, and Inventronics


Industry’s first seven-port USB-C hub controller with USB Power Delivery Cypress Semiconductor has introduced the programmable EZ-USB® HX3PD, the industry’s first seven-port USB Type-C™ hub controller with USB Power Delivery (PD). The hub controller simplifies USB Type-C dock system design by integrating the functionality of five chips into one, lowering bill-of-materials cost and reducing board […]



POWER OPTIMIZED 119fs JITTER PERFORMANCE The AX7 ClearClock™ oscillator for next generation networking and RF applications leads the industry in low power consumption while maintaining typical jitter of 119fs. FEATURES 119fs jitter typical (F=322.265625MHz) Widest in class frequency range from 50MHz to 2.1GHz Lowest in class power consumption 70mA MAX Idd (LVDS) Programmable oscillator (quick […]

CUI INC – Innovative Peltier modules provide higher reliability and longer cycle life


CUI’s line of high-performance thermoelectric cooling modules features an innovative arcTEC™ structure which delivers superior cooling performance and a longer cycle life. CUI’s high-performance Peltier modules are available in a wide range of sizes and current ratings to meet the needs of various applications. They range in footprint size from the smallest at 20mm x […]

C&K – New automotive detect switch’s safety features support ISO 26262 compliance


C&K has announced the introduction of the SSW Detect Switch, which helps designers to enhance the functional safety of electronic systems. The SSW switch is intended for use in automotive applications, such as electric parking brakes, that must comply with the requirements of the ISO 26262 functional safety standard. It may also be used in […]

Diodes Incorporated – USB Type-C linear ReDriver features very low signal latency


Diodes Inc., has introduced new linear ReDriver products which support USB Type-C™ port operation compatible with the 10Gbits/s USB3.1 Gen 2 and the 8.1Gbits/s DisplayPort™ 1.4 standards. The PI3DPX1205A is supplied in a 6:4 channel configuration and the PI3DPX1207B in a 4:4 configuration, suitable for use in any CPU or application processor designs. Both devices […]

Future Electronics – Maximising the efficiency of DC-DC converters: how to take advantage of the latest topologies and techniques


By Robert Gabrysiak Applications Engineer, Future Electronics (Poland) For some years, the designers of medium- and high-power electronics systems have been under intense pressure to improve efficiency at full and light load, in order both to ensure compliance with increasingly tight limits to power consumption imposed by governments, and to help end users to reduce […]

Future Electronics – Precision, accuracy and flexibility: new products bring the best of digital and analog to the signal chain


Amar Abid-Ali Vertical Segment Director Future Electronics A properly functioning signal chain is essential to any interaction between electronics and the real world. The design of a high-performance signal chain presents engineering challenges which differ from application to application. For all, however, the goal is broadly the same: to process signals accurately and precisely enough […]

Hirose – Miniature circular connector features push-pull locking assembly


Hirose has introduced the HR25A, a series of miniature push-pull, high-density circular connectors. The HR25A series consists of plugs, receptacles and jacks. The plugs come in two sizes, shell size 11 for 4, 6 or 8 contacts, and shell size 13 for 12, 16 or 20 contacts. This connector is terminated with a simple push-pull […]