Aavid Thermalloy – New online tool makes design of custom heat-sinks quick and easy


The Aavid Genie is an online thermal design application developed by Aavid Thermalloy which allows power-system design engineers to develop heat-sinks to fit their application without the need to hire an engineering consultant or to licence expensive Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software. Registration is free and it is free to start designing. Aavid Genie works […]

Aavid Thermalloy – PA, PS and PE Series: DC axial fans offer lifetime rating of 70,000 hours


Aavid Thermalloy has introduced to the European market three ranges of DC axial fans intended for use in a broad range of applications. The PA, PS and PE series of fans offer an increasing level of performance and functionality, from the low-cost PA to the high-performance PE series. The reliability of the three series of […]

Aavid Thermalloy – Aavid buys high-tech thermal management company Nuventix


Aavid Thermalloy has acquired Nuventix, the manufacturer of fanless thermal management solutions for LED lighting applications. Nuventix is well known for its patented Synjet® technology. The highly reliable SynJet fanless air movers use oscillating diaphragms, rather than frictional parts, to create a constant flow of air over the fins of compatible heat-sinks.

Aavid Thermalloy – One-piece heat-sinks offer superior thermal performance


For applications requiring a high rate of thermal dissipation, Aavid’s skived-fin copper heat-sinks offer very high performance and a superior attachment mechanism. Copper has the highest thermal conductivity of all of the commercial metals, nearly twice that of aluminium, so provides for the best possible heat-spreading from small components. Copper gives a higher heat-transfer capability […]