ams – Tunable White Lighting… Simplified!


The AS7221 and AS7225 smart lighting manager and director, from optical sensing leader ams AG, bring luminaire manufacturers and integrators the world’s first chip-scale tunable-white integrated lighting “system-on-chip” solutions. The addition of closed loop optical sensing delivers the added benefit of optimizing overall system architecture by enabling tunable-white solutions from a single channel driver, while […]

Lumileds – Elevate luminaire design – without the heavy lifting


Producing the perfect luminaire typically calls for significant effort – and a fair amount of guesswork. Not anymore. Advanced Technologies, an integral part of Matrix Platform and a valuable complement to LUXEON LEDs, are changing the luminaire manufacturing game. These innovative components streamline the development of integrated, fully assembled LED solutions and ensure they are […]

Lumileds – LEDs created with one market in mind: Horticulture


The future of horticulture LED lighting is here: LUXEON SunPlus Series from Lumileds. Delivering lighting that’s consistent, sustainable and precise, these industry-leading LEDs are the only light engines binned and tested based on photosynthetic photon flux – ensuring proper light absorption for a variety of plants and crops. If you’re ready to enter the expanding […]

Lumileds – LUXEON 5050


Breakthrough efficacy and lumens enabling low system costs for outdoor and industrial markets. The upgrade LUXEON 5050 has been launched, setting the standard for high lm/W for outdoor and industrial applications. LUXEON 5050 provides high luminance from a single package to enable cost effective, single optic and directional fixture designs. It features the best performance […]

Lumileds – The choice for color has never been more black and white


There are architectural and entertainment lighting designs where optimal color isn’t just a luxury – it’s an absolute necessity. Fortunately, our LUXEON Color LED Family is up to the challenge. With the most complete spectrum of colors – from Red, Green, Blue to even Lime – and an unmatched quality of light, LUXEON Color LEDs […]

OSRAM – Light is the efficiency booster LED-based industrial lighting


Special ambient conditions in production and logistics facilities call for lighting components with long lifetimes, a wide temperature range, a high intensity of illumination a high quality of light for safe and effective working. In order to cut costs while providing high-quality light, many luminaire manufacturers today rely on robust LED components and intelligent control […]