CUI INC – New USB2.0 and USB3.0 connectors offer a range of mounting styles


CUI’s Components Group has introduced a line of USB connectors which support the USB2.0 and USB3.0 standard specifications. They are available in Type A, Type B, Micro AB, Micro B, Mini AB and Mini B versions. The USB3.0 models are able to support data rates up to 5Gbits/s. The new product family is ideal for […]

Diodes Incorporated – Industry’s smallest USB2.0 signal multiplexer is just 0.35mm high


The Pericom Semiconductor product line of Diodes Incorporated has announced the release of the industry’s smallest USB2.0 signal multiplexer, which is ideal for use in portable and space-constrained designs. The PI3USB102J is a bi-directional 2-to-1 signal multiplexer switch with a single differential channel. It causes little attenuation of the high-speed signals it carries, and low […]

Exar – Bridge IC provides access to Ethernet, UART, I2C and GPIO from single Hi-Speed USB port


Exar Corporation’s XR2280x family of USB-to-Ethernet bridge ICs combines a Hi-Speed USB2.0 hub with 10/100 Ethernet and I2C controllers, Enhanced Dedicated GPIO Entity (EDGE) GPIO and up to four UARTs in a single chip. This bridge solution provides interfaces to multiple standard communications channels from a single USB port, allowing many legacy product designs to […]

Hirose – Better quality. Better design. Better fit.


Why Hirose offers a better choice of connector for your next electronics product design. Since Hirose was founded in 1937, it has earned a reputation in the electronics industry for the quality of its products, its design innovations, and its unrivalled range of miniature connectors. Better quality • Production and quality control operations are guided […]

Nexperia – ESD protection diodes optimised for protection of NFC interfaces


The PESD18VF1BSF from Nexperia, formerly the standard products division of NXP Semiconductors, is an ultra- low capacitance, bi-directional ESD protection diode which safeguards devices containing an NFC interface from damage caused by ESD strikes and other transient voltage events. It has a maximum reverse stand-off voltage of 18V. A related part, the PESD24VF1BSF, features a […]

NXP – New software resources make design of NFC-enabled products easier and faster


NXP Semiconductors has introduced new development tools and resources to make it easier for design engineers to integrate the company’s NFC ICs into end- product designs. The NFC Reader Library supports NXP’s NFC front-end ICs such as the PN5180 or CLRC663 and the PN7462. It gives developers a faster and simpler way to deliver NFC-enabled […]

ON Semiconductor – Redefining the sensors’ status quo


For quite some time the semiconductor industry has focused on the needs of heightened market segments related to the IoT. ON Semiconductor offers power management and wireless connectivity, but sensors are what these systems require to interact with any physical elements. The boundaries of what a sensor can do or achieve is constantly being pushed […]

Panasonic – Compact place-and-play Bluetooth Smart module combines high-speed operation with ultra low-power consumption


The PAN1760 from Panasonic is a highly integrated Bluetooth® Low Energy module which provides for a much shorter development time and lower component count than implementations using discrete components. The 15.6mm x 8.7mm x 1.8mm surface- mount PAN1760, which is based on the Toshiba TC35667 system-on-chip, includes a full-featured Bluetooth Low Energy radio and controller, […]

STMicroelectronics – Bluetooth Low Energy RF SoC runs protocol stack and application code


The BlueNRG-1 from STMicroelectronics is a Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) single-mode radio System-on-Chip (SoC) intended for use in wearable devices and short-range applications. The BlueNRG-1 is an improved version of the BlueNRG network processor. The new SoC includes an ARM® Cortex®-M0 processor core which can run user application code as well as ST’s BLE protocol […]

STMicroelectronics – Dynamic NFC/RFID tag ICs combine long range with high-speed data transfer


STMicroelectronics has launched the ST25DV series of dynamic-tag ICs which have dual NFC/RFID and I2C bus interfaces, to provide for untethered interaction between an external NFC-capable smartphone or an RFID reader, and a host device’s microcontroller or applications processor. The ST25DV IC supports data exchange over an extended wireless communication range at a frequency of […]