ams – 48Mpixel CMOS image sensor supports 8K image resolution at 30 frames/s


The CMV50000 from ams is the industry’s first global-shutter CMOS image sensor to offer high resolution of 48Mpixels. It enables camera manufacturers to replace Charge-Coupled Device (CCD) sensors, which have traditionally been required for ultra-high resolution applications, with a comparable CMOS image sensor, which is easier to integrate in camera designs, operates at much higher […]

CTS – Launch of miniature, low-noise PLL module


CTS Corporation has announced the introduction of the VFJA9591C, a Phase-Locked Loop (PLL) timing module which offers very low noise for use in high-speed communications and network equipment. Use of the new CTS module enables the designers of communications equipment and other systems to minimise the risk of generating and propagating parasitic noise through the […]

Future Electronics – Intelligent Sensing: recommended parts and manufacturers


Sensor Hub MCU Dual-core MCUs (Arm® Cortex®-M0+ and Cortex-M4F) are well suited for intelligent sensor hubs in consumer or industrial applications. • Cortex-M0+ based sub-system enables system monitoring, Bluetooth® or communication stack hosting, real-time sensor aggregation • Cortex-M4F based sub-system enables digital signal processing such as sensor fusion engine, audio/acoustic processing, vibration analytics, pattern recognition, […]

Monolithic Power Systems – Magnetic sensors provide reliable contactless angle measurement for rotary motion applications


Monolithic Power Systems’ MagAlpha range of magnetic position sensors uses the innovative SpinAxis™ Hall-effect sensing technique to provide fast and accurate angular position measurements. The MagAlpha range includes the MA702, MA704, MA710 and MA730 parts which measure the angle of rotation at a resolution from 10-bit to 14-bit, and provide their outputs over digital SPI […]

NXP – IoT rapid prototyping board includes on-board motion sensors and altimeter


NXP Semiconductors supplies a board which provides a development platform for sensor-rich Internet of Things (IoT) nodes. The Rapid IoT Prototyping Kit, which has the orderable part number SLN-RPK-NODE, is supplied with a comprehensive suite of tools and software, including a real-time operating system, drivers, middleware, applications for the iOS and Android mobile operating environments, […]

ON Semiconductor – High-resolution CMOS image sensor platform provides multiple design options in a single package outline


ON Semiconductor has introduced the new X-Class platform, a family of image sensors which allows a single camera design to support not only multiple product resolutions but also different pixel functionality. The first devices in the new platform are the high-performance 12Mpixel XGS 12000 and the 4K Ultra-High Definition (UHD) XGS 8000 image sensors. The […]

Panasonic – High-density PIR motion sensor detects presence of human body over range of up to 17m


Panasonic has extended its PaPIRs family of passive infrared presence-detection sensors with new long-distance types which are capable of detecting a human body up to 17m away. The long-distance PaPIRs sensors feature a very small optic, enabling easy integration into space-constrained housings. The new long-distance pyroelectric sensors are additions to two series of PaPIRs devices: […]

ROHM Semiconductor – MEMS accelerometer provides built-in pedometer, free-fall detection and other motion-sensor functions


The KX126-1063 from Kionix, a ROHM Semiconductor group company, is a three-axis MEMS accelerometer which is supplied with algorithms implementing a pedometer and functions for tracking orientation and detecting tap/double tap, activity and free-fall events. It offers a user-configurable full-scale measurement range of ±2g, ±4g or ±8g, and an output data rate up to 25.6kHz. […]

Sensirion – Combined CO2, humidity and temperature sensor module supports HVAC and indoor air-quality applications


The cost-competitive SCD30 sensor module from Sensirion combines CMOSens® Technology for infrared gas detection with a humidity and temperature sensor to enable the highly accurate, stable measurement of absolute Carbon Dioxide (CO2) concentrations in ambient air. The 7mm-high module has a footprint of just 35mm x 23mm, which means that it can easily be integrated […]

STMicroelectronics – Combined MEMS accelerometer and gyroscope in a single compact package


The ISM330DLC is a system-in-package featuring a high-performance 3D digital accelerometer and 3D digital gyroscope tailored for Industry 4.0 applications. The micromachined sensing elements of the accelerometer and gyroscope are implemented on the same silicon die, providing superior stability and robustness. The motion sensor includes built-in firmware which implements functions including tilt detection, free-fall detection, […]