Diodes Incorporated – Offline PFC controller features low stand-by power consumption


Diodes Incorporated has introduced the AL1788 high-performance AC-DC constant-voltage and Power Factor Correction (PFC) controller. Offering a combination of high PFC, low Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) and low stand-by power, it is well suited to use in commercial applications and connected lighting. Based on a platform that supports both flyback and buck topologies, the AL1788 […]

Lumileds – Upgraded CoB LEDs offer high efficacy for high-bay and low-bay, outdoor and spotlight applications


Lumileds has extended its successful LUXEON CoB Core Range with a fourth-generation product. Benefitting from Lumileds’ proprietary phosphor development, this new product can offer efficacy of 170lm/W, some 5% better than competitive products. The company is able to offer the LUXEON CoB Core Range Gen 4 in a very wide portfolio of products with options […]

Nexperia – LED driver design techniques


The replacement of incandescent and halogen lighting by LEDs is driven by various advantages of LED lighting devices, such as: • Higher luminous efficiency • Smaller size • Faster turn on/off times • Shock resistance • Longer lifetime • Fixed colour Disadvantages also exist: • Higher initial costs, although the price difference continues to shrink […]

Nichia – Launch of white LED that offers ultra-high CRI


To improve the quality of light in a new generation of demanding lighting applications, Nichia has developed a family of white LEDs named OptisolisTM which offers ultra-high Colour Rendering Index (CRI) values. The light output from the Optisolis range of LEDs has the closest possible match to that of natural light. The Optisolis LEDs are […]

Nichia – New DMC package enables tighter spacing of LEDs in high-flux designs


The NVSW/LE21AT from Nichia is a series of white LEDs which uses a new Direct Mountable Chip (DMC) package design to produce higher flux density than conventional chip-scale LEDs, particularly in board designs which are tightly populated with emitters. The higher flux density is the result of the lower optical losses sustained by the DMC […]

OSRAM – New range of 24V DALI LED drivers for tunable white lighting applications


OSRAM has introduced a series of 24V DALI drivers which offers a constant-voltage output for use in tunable white lighting applications. The OTi DALI drivers produce flicker-free light. They have a particularly small cross-section of only 32mm x 22mm, and support dimming down to 0.1%. These LED DALI drivers can be used with various control […]

STMicroelectronics – 16-channel driver suitable for LED panel displays


The LED1642GW is a monolithic, low-power 16-bit shift register for LED panel displays. The LED1642GW can provide a 20V output to drive LEDs, and enables the user to connect several LEDs in series. In the output stage, 16 regulated current sources provide a constant current which can range between 3mA and 40mA to drive the […]

STMicroelectronics – Smart home lighting demo board provides RF connection to wireless sensors and controllers


STMicroelectronics’ STEVAL-ILL082V1 evaluation board is a demonstration design for smart home LED lighting that needs a wireless connection to other devices such as a home automation controller. The main elements of the STEVAL-ILL082V1 board are the HVLED815PF offline LED driver and the SPSGRF-868, a low-power programmable RF transceiver module operating at a frequency of 868MHz. […]

STMicroelectronics – Switching regulator provides up to 3A to power high-brightness LEDs


STMicroelectronics’ LED6000 is a stepdown monolithic switching regulator which sources up to 3A DC current for driving high-brightness LEDs. The LED6000 supports digital dimming, which is implemented by driving the dedicated Dim pin. The device’s sense resistor for current sensing causes a small voltage drop of just 250mV, helping to sustain high system efficiency. The […]

TE Connectivity – Holder provides electrical and thermal connection for CoB LEDs


TE Connectivity’s (TE) LUMAWISE drive LED holder type Z50 allows luminaire designers to eliminate discrete driver boxes from spotlight and tracklight designs, creating a more aesthetically pleasing solution while reducing system costs. The LUMAWISE drive type Z50 brings integrated driver functionality to TE’s Zhaga-inspired, Z50 range of LED holders. Incorporating a DC-DC converter into the […]