Nichia – Launch of white LED that offers ultra-high CRI


To improve the quality of light in a new generation of demanding lighting applications, Nichia has developed a family of white LEDs named OptisolisTM which offers ultra-high Colour Rendering Index (CRI) values. The light output from the Optisolis range of LEDs has the closest possible match to that of natural light. The Optisolis LEDs are […]

Nichia – New DMC package enables tighter spacing of LEDs in high-flux designs


The NVSW/LE21AT from Nichia is a series of white LEDs which uses a new Direct Mountable Chip (DMC) package design to produce higher flux density than conventional chip-scale LEDs, particularly in board designs which are tightly populated with emitters. The higher flux density is the result of the lower optical losses sustained by the DMC […]