CUI INC – Waterproof micro USB connector has IPx7 rating


CUI’s Interconnect Group has released the UJ2W-MIBH-4-SMT, a waterproof micro USB2.0 type-B jack connector which has an IP rating of IPx7, offering protection from liquid and moisture in challenging environments. Thanks to its copper-alloy contact terminals with 30μinch gold-over-nickel plating and stainless steel shielding, the UJ2W-MIBH-4- SMT offers high durability over a rated lifetime of […]

Cypress – Integrated Bluetooth 4.2 module with MCU core supports stand-alone operation


Cypress Semiconductor has introduced the CYBT-343026-01, a fully integrated Bluetooth® Smart Ready wireless module based on the Cypress CYW20706 Bluetooth radio IC. Conforming to the specifications of the Bluetooth 4.2 standard, the CYBT-343026-01 EZ-BTTM module is supplied with a royalty-free Bluetooth Low Energy stack. It features an ARM® Cortex®-M3 microcontroller core for stand-alone operation without […]

Nexperia – Common mode filters with integrated ESD protection for USB, HDMI and MIPI lines


Nexperia’s new common-mode filters with integrated TrEOS ESD protection help designers to create unbroken communications links and to prevent EMI disturbance between high-speed wired communications standards and popular wireless systems such as LTE, Wi-Fi® or Bluetooth® radios. The filter devices are particularly suitable for use with high-speed USB3.1, HDMI2.0 or MIPI wired interfaces. The Nexperia […]

Nexperia – ESD diodes protect very sensitive high-speed interfaces


Nexperia has introduced the TrEOS series of diodes which provide ESD protection for very sensitive high-speed interfaces such as USB3.1 and HDMI lines. The TrEOS family from Nexperia includes single- and multi-line devices. The technology provides the ideal combination of low capacitance, low clamping voltage and high ESD robustness. Offering diode capacitance ratings as low […]

Nexperia – ESD protection diodes optimised for NFC interfaces protection of NFC interfaces


Nexperia offers a series of ultra-low capacitance, bi-directional ESD protection diodes which safeguard devices containing an NFC interface from damage caused by ESD strikes and other transient voltage events. These devices are intended for use in space- constrained designs, such as consumer mobile products, in which an NFC antenna is integrated into the host product’s […]

Panasonic – New Bluetooth Low Energy radio module offers class-leading low power consumption


Panasonic Industry Europe’s new PAN1760A is a Bluetooth® radio module which offers very low power consumption when transmitting or receiving Bluetooth Low Energy signals. The module features peak power consumption of only 3.3mA in Transmit and Receive mode. Its low power consumption enables sophisticated Bluetooth capabilities to be built into embedded devices without compromising battery […]

Sierra Wireless – Launch of industry’s first LTE-Advanced Pro embedded cellular modules


Sierra Wireless has announced the industry’s first global LTE-Advanced Pro cellular modules, enabling the world’s fastest IoT applications for mobile computing, networking and industrial Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communications systems. The new AirPrime® EM75 series, which includes satellite positioning and embedded SIM (eSIM) capability, provides global 4G coverage on a single module with an uplink speed twice […]

STMicroelectronics – Bluetooth Low Energy SoC includes embedded microcontroller


The new BlueNRG-2 from STMicroelectronics is a very low-power Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) System-on-Chip (SoC), offering a wider range of features than the earlier BlueNRG network processor. The SoC complies with the specifications of the Bluetooth 4.2 standard. In particular, the BlueNRG-2 enables the use of an embedded ARM® Cortex®-M0 processor core for running user […]

STMicroelectronics – Complete Wi-Fi module includes TCP/IP and security protocol firmware


The SPWF04SA and SPWF04SC from STMicroelectronics are ready-to-use Wi-Fi® radio modules intended for use in IoT applications. The modules include an ARM® Cortex®- M4-based STM32F4 microcontroller and a powerful 2.4GHz Wi-Fi transceiver which complies with the IEEE 802.11b/g/n standard. The modules provide a ready-made interface to cloud computing services, since they are supplied with a […]

STMicroelectronics – Enhanced balun with integrated harmonic filter for use with BlueNRG transceivers


STMicroelectronics’ BALF-NRG-02D3 ultraminiature balun integrates a matching network with a harmonics filter in a single chip. The matching impedance of the device is optimised for the BlueNRG series of Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) systems-on-chip, both the BlueNRG-1, and the more recent BlueNRG-2. By integrating both the matching network and filter in a single component, ST […]