STMicroelectronics – 16-channel driver suitable for LED panel displays


The LED1642GW is a monolithic, low-power 16-bit shift register for LED panel displays. The LED1642GW can provide a 20V output to drive LEDs, and enables the user to connect several LEDs in series. In the output stage, 16 regulated current sources provide a constant current which can range between 3mA and 40mA to drive the […]

STMicroelectronics – Smart home lighting demo board provides RF connection to wireless sensors and controllers


STMicroelectronics’ STEVAL-ILL082V1 evaluation board is a demonstration design for smart home LED lighting that needs a wireless connection to other devices such as a home automation controller. The main elements of the STEVAL-ILL082V1 board are the HVLED815PF offline LED driver and the SPSGRF-868, a low-power programmable RF transceiver module operating at a frequency of 868MHz. […]

STMicroelectronics – Switching regulator provides up to 3A to power high-brightness LEDs


STMicroelectronics’ LED6000 is a stepdown monolithic switching regulator which sources up to 3A DC current for driving high-brightness LEDs. The LED6000 supports digital dimming, which is implemented by driving the dedicated Dim pin. The device’s sense resistor for current sensing causes a small voltage drop of just 250mV, helping to sustain high system efficiency. The […]