Circuit Center – Smart Lighting Controller


The smart light of tomorrow will be required to respond intelligently both to central commands, transmitted via standard protocols such as the Digital Addressable  Lighting Interface (DALI) and KNX, and to local inputs such as ambient light sensor measurements and proximity sensor signals. The functional blocks that such a design might include are shown on […]

Fairchild Semiconductor – AC-DC converter IC – FSL3276ALR requires few external components


Fairchild’s FSL3276ALR is an integrated AC-DC converter which allows designers to implement a high-performance offline buck, buck-boost or non-isolation flyback Switched-Mode Power Supply (SMPS) with few external components. Featuring a PWM controller and a 650V ‘SenseFET’ MOSFET, the regulator enables operation of the SMPS without an auxiliary bias winding. An internal transconductance amplifier reduces the […]

Fairchild Semiconductor – PFC and current-mode PWM controller FL7921R provides integrated solution for driving LEDs


Fairchild’s FL7921R combines a combines a Power Factor Correction (PFC) controller and a quasi-resonant PWM controller to provide a complete power-control solution for driving LEDs. For PFC control, the FL7921R uses a controlled on-time technique to provide a regulated DC output voltage. Innovative technology in the device reduces input-current distortion at the zero-crossing point to […]

Fairchild Semiconductor – Compact optocouplers (HMHA281 and HMHA2801) suitable for isolating DALI interfaces


The HMHA281 and HMHA2801 are optocouplers consisting of a gallium arsenide (GaN) infra-red LED driving a silicon photo-transistor, housed in a compact four-pin mini-flat package. The half-pitch leads, of just 1.27mm, help designers to save space in their board layout. The maximum stand-off height is just 2.4mm. The devices are ideal for use in the […]

Intersil – Ambient light sensor and proximity sensor, ISL29147 in a single package


Intersil’s ISL29147 is a low-power Ambient Light Sensor (ALS) and proximity sensor with a built-in infra-red LED in a single package measuring just 2.4mm x 4mm x 1mm. Two photo-diode arrays measure the amount of light in the visible spectrum incident on the ISL29147. They mimic the human eye’s response to the wavelength curve of […]

Intersil – RTC module – ISL12022M includes temperature sensor and crystal


Intersil’s ISL12022M is a low-power Real-Time Clock (RTC) with an embedded 10-bit digital temperature sensor and crystal. The RTC tracks time with separate registers for hours, minutes, and seconds. The calendar registers track date, month, year and day of the week, and are accurate through to the year 2099, with automatic correction for leap years. […]

Intersil – Step-down power controllers, ISL8117 and ISL8117A feature wide input- and output-voltage ranges


The ISL8117 and ISL8117A from Intersil are synchronous buck controllers which feature a wide input-voltage range, and offer an output-voltage capability up to 54V suitable for driving a string of LEDs. The controllers use the valley current-modulation technique to provide an easy-to-implement power-supply design which requires only a small number of external components. The 4mm […]

Intersil – Dimmable mains LED driver, ISL1904 offers PFC and primary-side regulation


Dimmable mains LED driver offers PFC and primary-side regulation The ISL1904 LED driver IC is a flyback controller used for single-stage conversion of AC mains to a constant-current source with Power Factor Correction (PFC). The ISL1904 LED driver provides all of the features required for high-performance dimmable LED ballast designs. It supports both AC and […]

Lumileds – Multi-die LED LUXEON M offers tight colour control and high flux density


The LUXEON M from Lumileds is an illumination-grade multi-die LED which enables outdoor and industrial lighting applications to gain the benefits of both high efficiency and low cost. Because all LUXEON M production units fall within a single 3- or 5-step MacAdam ellipse centred on ANSI-standard colour temperatures, lighting equipment manufacturers can rely on tight […]

Murata – The IRA-S series of Infra-red sensors are ideal for use in smart lighting systems


The IRA-S series from Murata are leaded pyroelectric infra-red sensors which provide a good signal-to-noise ratio and reliable performance. Used in security equipment as well as lighting control systems, the IRA series sensors help designers to prevent the risk of false proximity detection events. Used in smart lighting systems, the IRA-S sensors can enable a […]