Future Electronics : Robotic Arm


Ultra-precise motion control. High-speed data communications. High-voltage power supplies. These key functions of a robotic arm are well provided for in this ‘Circuit Centre’. Here can be found components from a wide range of suppliers, providing all the device types that a new robotic arm design requires. Offering a combination of high performance and robust […]

ams : Magnetic rotary sensor AS5047P provides accurate position measurements at very high speeds


Position and Speed Sensing ams has introduced the AS5047P, a magnetic rotary position sensor for motor and motion-control applications which offers very high accuracy even at very high rotation speeds. The 47 series magnetic sensors’ high-speed performance and ABI incremental outputs make them ideal as robust replacements for optical encoders. The total system cost of […]

Atmel : High-speed CAN transceivers support CAN with flexible data rate (ATA6560 / ATA6561)


CAN The ATA6560 and ATA6561 from Atmel are CAN transceivers which provide an interface between a CAN protocol controller and the physical two-wire CAN bus. The transceivers, which support the CAN-FD standard with data rates up to 5Mbits/s, are ideal for use in CAN networks in industrial equipment. The ATA6560 transceiver supports Silent mode operation, […]

Atmel : SMART SAM E70 – 300MHz MCU with floating-point unit supports high-precision motion control


Control and Communications Systems The Atmel® | SMART SAM E70 is a series of high-performance microcontrollers based on the 32-bit ARM® Cortex®-M7 processor with a floating-point unit, supporting the very high-speed digital signal processing required by applications which precisely control the motion of a robotic arm. The SAM E70 provides more than four times the […]

CUI Inc. : VDRS line – DIN-rail AC-DC power supply for high-power industrial applications


Power Supply The CUI Inc., VDRS line of high-efficiency DIN-rail AC-DC power supplies includes 150W and 240W versions for high-power industrial applications. The VDRS power supplies are housed in a slim DIN-rail package with all electrical connections easily accessible via front-panel screw terminals. Features include remote on/off control, a peak-load capability of 150% for up […]

Diodes Inc. : DGD21xx series high-voltage gate drivers for half-bridge and full-bridge circuits


Drive and Protection Featuring both high- and low-side output-drive capability, the DGD21xx series of 600V gate drivers provides a simple means of switching power MOSFETs and IGBTs in the half-bridge and full-bridge configurations commonly used in industrial motor drives, power supplies and inverters. The DGD2103, DGD2104, DGD2108 and DGD2184 devices are supplied in SO8 and […]

Fairchild Semiconductor : FNA23512A – 35A inverter module supports various synchronous motor types


Drive and Protection The FNA23512A from Fairchild is a 1,200V Motion SPM® 2 smart power module providing a high-performance 35A three-phase inverter output stage for AC induction, brushless DC and permanent-magnet synchronous motors. The module includes gate drivers optimised for its builtin IGBTs to minimise EMI and power losses. Multiple protection features are also provided, […]

Fairchild Semiconductor : FSBB10CH120DF – 10A inverter offers excellent thermal performance and power density in industrial motor drives


Drive and Protection The FSBB10CH120DF from Fairchild is a 1,200V Motion SPM® 3 smart power module which provides a complete 10A, three-phase inverter output stage for electronically commutated motors. It integrates low-loss, short-circuit rated IGBTs, gate drivers, temperature sensing and multiple protection features into a single package. The module offers excellent thermal performance, benefitting from […]

Intersil : ISL2632x family Low-power 12-bit ADC family features single-ended and differential inputs


Sensor Interface Intersil’s ISL2632x family of ADCs offers excellent linearity over power-supply and temperature variations. The family is available in versions with one-, two-, four- and eight-channel single-ended inputs, and one-, two- and four-channel differential inputs. A proprietary input multiplexer and combination buffer amplifier reduce the input-drive requirements, resulting in lower cost and a smaller […]

Intersil : Low-noise op amps offer stable performance over temperature (ISL28107, ISL28207 and ISL28407)


Sensor Interface The ISL28107, ISL28207 and ISL28407 are single, dual and quad operational amplifiers which are notable for their low noise, low input bias current, and low offset and temperature drift. This makes them the ideal choice for applications requiring both high DC accuracy and AC performance. Stable over the entire operating temperature range, the […]