C&K – New automotive detect switch’s safety features support ISO 26262 compliance


C&K has announced the introduction of the SSW Detect Switch, which helps designers to enhance the functional safety of electronic systems. The SSW switch is intended for use in automotive applications, such as electric parking brakes, that must comply with the requirements of the ISO 26262 functional safety standard. It may also be used in […]

C&K – New sealed power toggle switch resists dirt, dust and moisture


C&K has announced the launch of its PT series of sealed power toggle switches. These highly robust switches which are extremely resistant to dirt, dust and moisture are intended for use in harsh or challenging conditions, such as in off-road vehicles and outdoor construction equipment. The PT series switches can operate reliably when doused by […]

C&K – Tact switches offer wide choice of size, haptics and operating force options


The KSC series of tactile switches from C&K offers various options for configuring the elements of the assembly to meet the requirements of a wide variety of applications. Individual configuration of a switch is often important to successful integration in a system design. The configuration options for the KSC series include the height of the […]

C&K – Undetectable detection switch for anti-tamper and anti-intrusion systems


C&K’s SDS series detection switches may be used in equipment such as a utility meter to provide a signal to a host controller when the housing has been tampered with. When used as an anti-tamper device, the key advantage of the SDS series switch is its small size: featuring a low-profile package which protrudes just […]

C&K – Innovative anti-tampering switch protects smart meters and alarms from piracy


The new ATS series of switches from C&K offers an extended lifetime and instant detection capability for use in connected products such as smart meters, alarms and point-of-sale terminals. The ATS switches provide a cost-effective option for applications which require the ability to reliably detect opening or hacking of devices. Standard ATS series switches have […]

C&K – 16-position optical rotary encoders offer robust alternative to electro-mechanical switches


The new ENC series of optical encoders from C&K benefits from the use of light-grating technology through two integrated optocouplers to produce consistent output signals which are compatible with modern digital devices. The ENC series encoders provide excellent performance at a lower cost than similar solutions on the market. Standard ENC series parts are 16-position […]

C&K – Robust switches offer long life in harsh operating conditions


C&K supplies a broad range of high- quality, durable switches for integration into various types of control gear in transportation equipment and off-road vehicles. The switches are ideal for use in control grips, joysticks, off-road panels, hydraulics, power-control panels, heavy equipment, lifts and other applications. Many of the C&K switches are suitable for harsh applications […]

C&K – Tact switches offer wide choice of size, haptics and resistance options


The KSC series of tactile switches from C&K Switches offers important customisation options to meet most application requirements. The excellent performance characteristics that these devices can offer are the result of more than 15 years of development by C&K to improve their performance and quality and to extend the product options. In fact, the KSC […]

C&K – Watertight miniature tactile switches withstand harsh operating conditions


C&K’s KMR6 NG and KMR7 NG switches with no Ground pin are watertight, reliable and resistant to vibrations and harsh operating conditions. They are ideal for use in innovative product types such as personal health- monitoring systems, since they are resistant to corrosion caused by cleaning chemicals, and connected sport watches, as they withstand the […]

C&K – Robust switches offer long cycle life in harsh industrial conditions


The latest C&K switches for use in harsh industrial environments offer the high quality and long cycle life for which C&K’s product portfolio is renowned. C&K’s two new product series designed for harsh applications and heavy usage are the APB series and the PNP series. The APB series illuminated switches feature IP67 sealing, and are […]