Aavid Thermalloy – New online tool makes design of custom heat-sinks quick and easy


The Aavid Genie is an online thermal design application developed by Aavid Thermalloy which allows power-system design engineers to develop heat-sinks to fit their application without the need to hire an engineering consultant or to licence expensive Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software. Registration is free and it is free to start designing. Aavid Genie works […]

Diodes Incorporated – Active ORing MOSFET controller supports power supplies up to ±400V


Offering the capability to support redundancy power systems with rail voltages up to ±400V, the ZXGD3112N7 Active ORing MOSFET controller introduced by Diodes Incorporated builds on a successful design employed in previous 40V and 200V devices. A low turn-off threshold voltage enables MOSFETs that have a very low on-resistance to operate as ideal diodes. This […]

Hirose – Compact FPC-to-board connectors support USB3.1 connectivity


Hirose’s BM28 series of connectors provides robust, high-power performance in small devices requiring USB3.1 connectivity. The BM28 range of connectors consists of headers and receptacles which provide a hybrid power and signal connection between a Flat Printed Circuit (FPC) and a board. When mated, the BM28’s parallel stack height is only 0.6mm with a narrow […]

Intersil – Configurator tool helps designers quickly choose the right power-circuit components


The PowerCompassTM tool from Intersil is a configurator software product for power-systems designers who are developing circuits supplying multiple loads. It helps users to quickly identify parts that match their requirements, set up multiple rails, perform high-level system analysis, and generate custom reference design files. The PowerCompass tool is available as an online web app, […]

Littelfuse – Compact surface-mount fuse with current rating up to 100A helps save board space


The 881 series NANO2® fuse is a relatively small, surface-mount fuse which provides over-current protection for applications operating at high current values in a limited space. Such applications are mostly served today through the use of a single, large industrial fuse with a high current rating. In some cases, designers may implement over- current protection […]

Littelfuse – Surge protection module offers additional safety features for failure and fire hazards


The Littelfuse LSP10GIHP series of thermally-protected surge protection modules are self-protected devices for use in outdoor and commercial LED lighting fixtures. The modules are based on Littelfuse thermally-protected varistor technology. A built-in Thermal Disconnect function provides additional protection against catastrophic failure and fire hazards even under the extreme circumstances of varistor end-of-life, or exposure to […]

Lumileds – Breakthrough in LED system design and manufacturing after launch of Matrix Platform Advanced Technologies


Lumileds has announced Advanced Technologies, key components of its Matrix Platform, which streamlines the development of integrated, fully assembled LED light engines. Lumileds works with Matrix Platform customers to meet their requirements for quality, performance and time to market. In fact, lighting OEMs can often shave weeks or months off the production time required for […]

Lumileds – New UV LED offers twice the irradiance power of industry’s previous smallest UV emitter


Lumileds has introduced the LUXEON UV U1 LED for use in UV curing, counterfeit detection, analytical instrumentation, inspections and other UVA and Violet (380-420nm) applications. The third generation of UV LEDs from Lumileds, the LUXEON UV U1 maintains the same small package size as the earlier LUXEON Z UV, but offers a higher power density. […]

Nexperia – 100V N-channel gate-drive MOSFET offers high efficiency in switching power converters


Nexperia has released the latest product in its NextPower family of gate-drive MOSFETs. The PSMN8R5-100PSF is a 100V gate-drive MOSFET which is qualified for operation at temperatures up to 175°C. Featuring a maximum drain current of 98A, it is intended for use in industrial and consumer applications. The PSMN8R5-100PSF is suitable for use as the […]

Nexperia – 20V, dual N-channel trench MOSFET produces low leakage current


The PMDXB600UNEL from Nexperia is a dual N-channel enhancement-mode MOSFET which has a maximum drain- source voltage rating of 20V. Housed in a small, leadless DFN1010B-6 (SOT1216) surface- mount package measuring 1.1mm × 1.0mm × 0.37mm, the PMDXB600UNEL is notable for its low leakage current: • drain leakage current is a maximum 25nA at a […]