Lumileds – New 1,700 lumen single-die LED offers 50% higher flux and 60% lower thermal resistance than competing devices


The new LUXEON V from Lumileds is the company’s highest flux-density LED, offering a maximum 1,700 lumen output from a package with a compact 4.0mm x 4.0mm footprint. The LUXEON V single-die LED can be driven harder than other LEDs in its class because of revolutionary new die and packaging technologies developed by Lumileds. The […]

Lumileds – New Deep Red and Far Red LEDs and CoB product for horticultural lighting


Lumileds has added three new products to its LUXEON SunPlus series of award-winning LEDs for horticultural lighting. The LUXEON SunPlus series is the only line of LEDs on the market to be tested and binned by Photosynthetic Photon Flux (PPF), the unit which expresses the total amount of photosynthetically active radiation that a light emits […]

Lumileds – Performance upgrade for family of colour LEDs for lighting applications


Lumileds announced that it has improved the flux across its family of colour LEDs. Performance improvements to the flagship LUXEON C Color Line include 20% higher lumen output in its LUXEON C Green and Cyan LEDs than the previous generation. In addition, the LUXEON C Red-Orange LED offers a 12% flux increase and the LUXEON […]