Hirose – High-speed I/O connectors are rugged and compact


Hirose has introduced the IX series of connectors for space-constrained industrial applications that need to support high-speed signal transmissions at rates up to 3Gbits/s. The IX range consists of plugs and receptacles with eight contacts which provide a physical interface to a local area network. The plugs are available in straight and right-angled versions, and […]

JAE Europe – USB Type-C connectors support data rate up to 10Gbits/s


JAE’s DX07 USB Type-CTM connectors offer superior EMC characteristics, mechanical strength and durability. USB Type-C connectors are widely used in mobile devices, because of their compact dimensions and high-density terminal arrangement. Supporting high-speed communication at data rates up to 10Gbits/s, a USB Type-C connector can also provide up to 5A of output current for faster […]

Microchip – Online development tool provides easy way to start a PIC MCU project


Microchip has launched a simplified, cloud-based version of its popular MPLAB® X Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for PIC® microcontrollers. The MPLAB Xpress Cloud-Based IDE is a free online development environment which contains the most popular features of MPLAB X. This reduced version of the application is a faithful reproduction of the desktop-based programme, which allows […]

NXP – Compact dual diode offers protection against high surge currents


The very small PESD5V0S2BQA from NXP Semiconductors includes two bi- directional protection diodes which protect two signal lines from the risk of damage caused by ESD and other transient events. Providing 30kV of ESD protection for contact and air discharges, the device is housed in a leadless SOT1215 surface-mount package measuring just 1.1mm x 1.0mm […]

NXP – Double transistor offers excellent thermal performance


The PBSS4220PANS from NXP Semiconductors is an NPN/NPN double transistor notable for its very low collector-emitter saturation voltage. It is the counterpart of the PNP/PNP PBSS5220PAPS device. The PBSS4220PANS transistor is housed in a leadless medium-power SOT1118D surface-mount package measuring just 2mm x 2mm x 0.7mm. The package has an exposed heat-sink, which provides for […]

NXP – Logic-level MOSFET supports fast switching


The PMN40ENE from NXP Semiconductors is a 30V N-channel trench MOSFET in a small SOT457 surface-mount package. Suitable for logic-level applications, the MOSFET features an on-resistance of 30mΩ when the gate is driven at 10V and the drain current is 4.5A. The device can source a maximum drain current of 5.7A for an interval of […]

STMicroelectronics – Miniature 200mA linear voltage regulator features low power dissipation


The LDBL20 from STMicroelectronics is a voltage regulator which provides a maximum 200mA current from an input voltage ranging from 1.5V to 5.5V, at a fixed output voltage regulated to a tolerance of ±1.5% at 25°C. Housed in an ST STAMPTM package measuring just 0.47mm x 0.47mm x 0.2mm, the LDBL20 may be accommodated inside […]

TE Connectivity – Hermaphroditic blade and receptacle connectors suitable for harsh environments


TE Connectivity (TE) has introduced a series of hermaphroditic blade and receptacle connectors which have selective gold plating. The contacts are made of gold over nickel at the separable interface, and tin over nickel for the remainder of their surface. The gold-plated contacts make these connectors suitable for harsh environments subject to moisture or high […]

TE Connectivity – Zhaga-compatible LED holder provides for easy assembly


The LUMAWISE LED holder Type Z35 from TE Connectivity (TE) is suitable for two standard sizes of board supplied by LED manufacturers, the 13.5mm x 13.5mm type and the 12mm x 15mm type. This new LED holder provides a solderless connection to Chip-On-Board (COB) LEDs, using standard pan-head and countersunk screws. The Type Z35 LED […]

Vishay – Efficient IGBT modules feature standard SOT-227 footprint


Vishay Intertechnology supplies a broad range of IGBT modules housed in a standard SOT-227 package which has low thermal resistance. The modules are capable of operating at relatively high case temperatures while maintaining the operating junction temperature within safe limits. The IGBTs in the Vishay modules are based on either punch-through, non-punch-through or trench technology, […]