Panasonic – Compact connectors with excellent shock and vibration resistance


Panasonic has developed narrow-pitch, board-to-board and board-to-Flat Printed Circuit (FPC) connectors which use TOUGH CONTACT technology. In addition to their excellent shock and vibration resistance, these connectors feature an ultra-slim profile, which makes them ideally suited to applications in which space is restricted. Board-to-board connectors are comprised of two halves: socket and header. This connector […]

Panasonic – FPC/FFC connectors give reliable performance and long lifetime


The Panasonic range of Flat Printed Circuit (FPC)/Flexible Flat Cable (FFC) narrow-pitch connectors benefit from TOUCH CONTACT technology to provide excellent shock and vibration resistance, giving reliable performance and a long lifetime in the end application. An FPC/FFC connector is a one-piece connector which makes the connection with a directly inserted FPC or FFC, and […]