STMicroelectronics – Step-down converter IC features small system footprint and high efficiency


The ST1S15J18R step-down converter IC from STMicroelectronics is intended for use in applications in which high efficiency and a small board footprint are important requirements. The converter can provide a 500mA output current from an input voltage ranging between 2.3V and 5.5V. It has a fixed output voltage of 1.82V. Efficiency at an input voltage […]

Vicor – New military-grade DC-DC converter modules offer very high power density


Vicor has released four new military-grade (MIL-COTS) versions of its VIA DCM family of compact, high-power DC-DC converter modules. The new modules support operation at extreme temperatures as low as -55°C. The four new parts are in the 3414 VIA DCM family, operating from an input-voltage range of 16V to 50V DC. The parts have […]

Vishay – Solid tantalum chip capacitors help save space in handheld devices


Vishay Intertechnology’s T58 series of vPolyTanTM solid tantalum surface- mount chip capacitors offer improved volumetric efficiency, enabling designers of handheld devices to provide greater capacitance in a smaller space. Combining polymer tantalum technology with Vishay’s high- efficiency MicroTan® packaging, the T58 series achieves industry-best capacitance-voltage ratings in six moulded case sizes, including 47μF at 6.3V […]

Wago – New PCB terminal block enables LED modules to be wired from the back


WAGO has launched new surface- mount PCB terminal blocks, the 2070 series, which enable linear LED modules and ultra-flat luminaires to benefit from rear wiring and simpler terminations. Use of the new terminal blocks in lighting installations minimises LED shadowing and simplifies the wiring assembly. Standing just 1.1mm tall for uniform light distribution, these terminal […]