TE Connectivity – Connectors with transparent body enable easy termination of solid or stranded wires


TE Connectivity’s (TE) Flex Grip wire connectors provide for fast and easy termination in a broad range of applications that use 24-14 AWG solid or stranded wires, which have a cross-section between 0.2mm2 and 4.0mm2. These push-in connectors have operating levers for fast, easy and releasable wire terminations. The transparent body allows users to visually […]

TE Connectivity – Make first, break last connector offers superior grounding performance


TE Connectivity (TE) has added a product with Make First, Break Last (MFBL) functionality as part of its POWER TRIPLE LOCK line of connectors. The new MFBL connector’s application- specific grounding design permits the ground connection to be established before power connections are made, and maintains the connection until the power connections are broken. This […]