Vicor – New 700V DC-DC converter with fixed-ratio output in miniature board-mount package


Vicor has added a new fixed-ratio, high- voltage bus converter to its line-up of Bus Converter Module (BCM) products. The new BCM4414xG0F4440 steps down a rectified input voltage in a range from 400V to 700V DC by a fixed 1/16 ratio to produce an output of 25.00V to 43.75V DC. The module is housed in […]

Vicor – New 10mm x 14mm buck regulator modules support output currents up to 22A


Vicor has extended its family of Cool-Power® 48V ZVS buck regulator modules by introducing the PI3523, PI3525 and PI3526, which provide output currents twice as high as existing parts in the family in a package just 40% larger. This means that the Cool-Power 48V family now provides scalable power options for direct-to-point-of-load applications operating from […]