Vishay – 60V MOSFET helps reduce conduction losses in DC-DC conversion applications


Vishay’s SiR626DP is a 60V MOSFET for use in DC-DC conversion applications that have to reach high efficiency benchmarks across the load range. The device offers peak efficiency up to 15% higher than comparable competing parts. The SiR626DP, part of a new fourth generation of trench MOSFET designs from Vishay, achieves an on-resistance value some […]

Vishay – New wet tantalum capacitor offers industry-high capacitance and superior design flexibility


Vishay Intertechnology has introduced a new series of high-energy wet tantalum capacitors which offers the industry’s highest capacitance-voltage product ratings for this device type, across various case sizes. The new EP1 capacitor series is intended for use in pulse power and energy hold-up applications in military and avionics systems. Built on Vishay’s proven SuperTan® technology, […]

Vishay – Thick-film chip resistors withstand operation in presence of atmospheric sulphur


Vishay Intertechnology has introduced a new series of thick-film chip resistors for automotive and industrial applications which offer a combination of excellent resistance to atmospheric sulphur with high power and pulse- load performance. The RCA-HP e3 series of resistors has a special robust construction which provides an ability to withstand concentrations of sulphur in saturated […]