Vishay – Efficient IGBT modules feature standard SOT-227 footprint


Vishay Intertechnology supplies a broad range of IGBT modules housed in a standard SOT-227 package which has low thermal resistance. The modules are capable of operating at relatively high case temperatures while maintaining the operating junction temperature within safe limits. The IGBTs in the Vishay modules are based on either punch-through, non-punch-through or trench technology, […]

Vishay – Phase-control thyristor lowers costs and saves space


The VS-50TPS12L-M3 from Vishay Intertechnology is a new 50A phase-control thyristor in a TO-247 package with long leads. It is suitable for implementing line- rectification, soft-start motor-control and temperature-control functions. Vishay’s intention in introducing the VS-50TPS12L-M3 is to provide a new medium-power option in a three-lead through- hole package for power-switching applications. The long 20mm […]

Vishay – Space-saving barrier rectifiers suited to commercial and automotive applications


Vishay Intertechnology has introduced six new surface-mount Schottky barrier rectifiers housed in a low-profile package which will help designers to save board space. Schottky barrier rectifiers are often supplied in larger SMA and SOD123W packages. The new SS1FL3, SS2FL3, SS1FL4, SS2FL4, SS1FH10 and SS2FH10 devices are in an SMF package measuring just 2.8mm x 1.8mm […]

Vishay – Three-phase-bridge power modules help to lower end-product assembly costs


Vishay Intertechnology has introduced a new series of three-phase-bridge power modules which are housed in a low-profile PressFit package. There are three parts in the new series. The VS-40MT160P-P has a maximum DC output current of 45A, the VS-70MT160P-P is rated for 75A, and the VS-100MT160P-P is a 100A module. The modules’ PressFit package markedly […]