News In Brief Featuring Cypress, ams, and Inventronics


Industry’s first seven-port USB-C hub controller with USB Power Delivery Cypress Semiconductor has introduced the programmable EZ-USB® HX3PD, the industry’s first seven-port USB Type-C™ hub controller with USB Power Delivery (PD). The hub controller simplifies USB Type-C dock system design by integrating the functionality of five chips into one, lowering bill-of-materials cost and reducing board […]

News In Brief – Featuring Cypress, Microchip, Tianma


USB-C Power Delivery controller qualified for Thunderbolt 3 designs Cypress Semiconductor has announced that its programmable EZ-PD™ CCG5 two-port USB-C controller with Power Delivery (PD) has been qualified by Intel for use in Thunderbolt™ 3 host and peripheral designs. Thunderbolt 3-over-USB-C enables data transfers at speeds up to 40Gbits/s via a compact port, with the […]

Cypress – Capacitive Sensing for the IoT


CapSense® is Cypress’ industry-leading solution for touch sensing, implementing the world’s best self and mutual capacitive sensing solutions in Cypress’ line of low-power, flexible PSoC® MCUs. Easily and quickly enable your next connected HMI applications with: Start prototyping today with the PSoC 4000S CapSense Prototyping Kit Featuring: • Arm® Cortex®-M0+ PSoC 4000S MCU • 3 […]

Cypress & Inventek Systems – Inventek IoT solutions for commercial LED lighting, powered by Cypress WICED connectivity and PSoC MCU technology


By Greg Phillips, CTO Cloud Architecture at Inventek Systems, Inc. For many years, the commercial lighting space was dominated by fluorescent tube lighting. While these provided significant savings over the use of incandescent lighting, they suffered from serious performance, maintenance, and use issues. These included short lifespan, wide colour temperature variation, random flickering and hum, […]

Cypress – PSoC Creator 4.2


PSoC Creator is Cypress’ intuitive Integrated Design Environment (IDE) that enables concurrent hardware and firmware editing, compiling and debugging of PSoC MCUs. Applications are created using schematic capture and over 150 pre-verified, production-ready peripheral components. New in PSoC Creator 4.2 PSoC 6 Support PSoC Creator 4.2 provides support for Cypress’ newest IoT game-changer: The PSoC® […]

Cypress – Kit with E-ink display enables evaluation of PSoC 6 MCU architecture


The PSoC® 6 BLE Pioneer Kit from Cypress Semiconductor is a low-cost hardware platform for users of the PSoC 63 Connectivity Line System-on-Chip (SoC). The kit is the ideal resource for designers who want to evaluate the PSoC 6, Cypress’s new microcontroller architecture featured on page 3, which includes the PSoC 60 Value Line, PSoC […]

Cypress – New MCU supports dynamic 3D graphics in instrument clusters


Cypress Semiconductor has announced a new series in its Traveo™ automotive microcontroller family, providing more memory to support a hybrid instrument cluster with 3D graphics and up to six traditional gauges, as well as a head-up display. The highly integrated, single-chip devices in the S6J32xEK series include an advanced 3D and 2.5D graphics engine and […]

Cypress – Integrated Bluetooth 4.2 module with MCU core supports stand-alone operation


Cypress Semiconductor has introduced the CYBT-343026-01, a fully integrated Bluetooth® Smart Ready wireless module based on the Cypress CYW20706 Bluetooth radio IC. Conforming to the specifications of the Bluetooth 4.2 standard, the CYBT-343026-01 EZ-BTTM module is supplied with a royalty-free Bluetooth Low Energy stack. It features an ARM® Cortex®-M3 microcontroller core for stand-alone operation without […]

Cypress – IoT reference design board provides Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections to the cloud


Future Electronics has developed the Nebula IoT cloud-ready board based on Cypress Semiconductor wireless communications technology. It enables system designers to quickly create IoT device prototypes and deploy IoT ecosystems. Wireless connectivity is provided by a Murata 1DX module, which features the Cypress CYW4343W, a chipset containing Wi-Fi®, Bluetooth® Low Energy and Bluetooth Classic radios. […]