Littelfuse – How to choose the ideal sensor for industrial automation applications


By Gwenn Gmeinder, Sensors Business Development Manager, Littelfuse Motion-control and automation systems for industrial use have to cope with the hazards of dirt and dust commonly found in factory settings. In addition, conveyors and pick-and-place systems can be subject to vibration and shocks which threaten the stability of the control circuit’s sensors. The sensing technology […]

OSRAM – Users set to gain health and well-being benefits from new generation of human-centric lighting schemes


By Andreas Wojtysiak, Nicolai Heber and Peter Bach, OSRAM The LED has emerged in the 21st century as the dominant light-source technology, largely supplanting the traditional incandescent technologies that illuminated buildings throughout the previous century. Originally, the appeal of LED lighting systems rested largely on their long operating lifetime and their high efficacy. Improvements to […]