E-Switch – Soft-touch surface-mount tact switch offers long lifetime


E-Switch has announced the introduction of the TL9100 series of surface-mount tact switches which offers a soft-touch feel together with a long operating lifetime. Provided in a Single- Pole, Single-Throw (SPST) configuration, the TL9100 series switches are available with an actuation-force rating of either 200gf or 350gf. The operating lifetime of the switches depends on […]

E-Switch – Small surface-mount switches offer long operating lifetime


The TL3780 from E-Switch is a series of extremely small surface-mount tact switches which have a footprint of just 2.0mm x 3.0mm and a very low profile of 0.60mm. These switches are ideal for applications in which space is at a premium, and in which long operating life is an important requirement. E-Switch offers the […]

E-Switch – New tact switches for wearable and handheld devices


A new line of tact switches from E-Switch has been introduced to meet growing demand from manufacturers of wearable technology and handheld devices, which require compact and high-quality components. The new TL3305, TL3360 and TL3365 miniature tact switches are small, surface mount designs which fit numerous wearable and handheld device applications. The TL3305 tact switch […]

E-Switch – Illuminated anti-vandal switches offer wide range of colour and voltage options


E-Switch’s family of anti-vandal switches includes the UL-certified ULV4 series, which offers a rating of 3A and 250V AC. The ULV4 switches are IP67-rated, and have a long operating life of up to 1,000,000 cycles for momentary operation, or 500,000 for latching operation. Options include dot, ring or power symbol illumination. There are also many […]

E-Switch : New series of TL3750 series tact switches has long life expectancy of 300,000 cycles


E-Switch offers a wide variety of tact switches with many different options, including miniature switches with dual-LED illumination, and sealed tact switches with IP67 ratings. The latest addition to the company’s portfolio of switches is the TL3750 series. These miniature tact switches offer many features and have a life expectancy of 300,000 cycles. Also from […]

E-Switch – PV Series: Vandal-resistant switches offer multiple colour and finish options

PV series from E-Switch: choice of finish materials

E-Switch provides product designers with a wide choice of vandal-resistant switches in its PV series. The PV series switches feature a metal body and actuator, and offer a variety of options, including two-colour dot or ring illumination, multiple actuator styles, and long life expectancy. The body and actuator finishes can be selected separately and include […]

E-Switch – TL6210 Series: Illuminated switches carry IP67 rating


E-Switch has released the TL6210 series of surface-mount, illuminated tactile switches, which have a miniature footprint and which offer sealing sufficient for an IP67 rating. The illumination in the switches is provided by integrated LEDs, with a range of colours available; red, green, yellow, blue, white, red/green and green/yellow. The electrical and mechanical specification for […]