Overview – Our more crowded, more urban world: an opportunity for technology OEMs


Our world is changing fast: populations are growing, and more of these increasing populations are living in cities. Mobility is cheaper and easier than it has ever been. All of this means that people are moving more, and faster, and the world is becoming more crowded. Whether in airports, train stations, stadiums, shopping centres or […]

Future Electronics – FLIR Lepton® LWIR thermal imaging camera demo on Microsemi IGLOO®2 creative board


By: Future Electronics System Design Center Often engineers choose microcontrollers over Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs), because they assume that MCUs are cheaper, easier to programme and more reliable. The truth is, you can make microcontrollers with FPGAs, but not the opposite. An FPGA is a device which enables a developer to synthesize digital circuits. […]

Microsemi – Lowest-cost mid-range density FPGA kit features PolarFire FPGA


Future Electronics has lowered the barriers for designers to access the lowest-power, cost-optimised mid-range density PolarFireTM FPGA family with the introduction of the Avalanche Development Kit, a feature-rich, low-cost development kit which enables designers to quickly implement prototype systems based on the mid-range PolarFireTM family of FPGAs from Microsemi. The Avalanche board features a Microsemi […]

Nexperia – How to use a board-mounted MOSFET to switch a current as high as 200A


Today’s MOSFETs have such low on-resistance that they stay cool even when handling very high currents. In many cases a heat sink is not required, since the copper of the PCB will dissipate the relatively small amount of heat generated by the MOSFET. This ability to surface-mount power devices has made new packages such as […]

Panasonic – Aluminium electrolytic capacitors provide more capacitance in smaller can size


Panasonic Automotive and Industrial Systems’ miniature FKS series of aluminium electrolytic capacitors can be used by electronics designers to both save space and increase system reliability. The FKS series capacitors offer a dramatic increase in the ratio of capacitance to volume compared to earlier products. The newer devices provide as much as three times more […]