Panasonic – Improved infra-red array sensor provides higher accuracy and longer detection range


Panasonic Automotive & Industrial Systems Europe has released an improved and more accurate second generation of its Grid-EYE Infra-Red (IR) array sensor. Panasonic has introduced four new parts in its second generation Grid-EYE family: the AMG8833 and AMG8834 are high-gain types and the AMG8853 and AMG8854 are low- gain types. All four devices benefit from […]

Panasonic – IR sensor board enables rapid prototyping of presence-detection systems


Panasonic Automotive & Industrial Systems has introduced a complete wireless evaluation platform to help designers to take full advantage of the contactless temperature-measurement capability of its Grid-EYE Infra-Red (IR) array sensor. The Grid-EYE Evaluation Kit integrates a very low-power Bluetooth Smart module, the PAN1740, a microcontroller and an AMG8832 Grid-EYE sensor. The sensor itself is […]