Future Electronics – Effective design methods for future-proofing new smart lighting equipment


By Adil Sidiqi, Field Applications Engineer Future Lighting Solutions Companies such as Google, Amazon, Apple and Microsoft are hungrily eyeing the opportunity to serve customers who might, one day, have almost every electrically-powered object that they own connected to the internet. Through products and services such as Google’s Nest and Amazon’s Echo with Alexa voice […]

Future Electronics – The challenge of addressing the ‘IoT effect’ which is disrupting the lighting industry


At the beginning of this century, the lighting industry faced the biggest technological disruption to take place since the invention of the light bulb. The introduction of LEDs for lighting applications has led to an almost complete reconfiguration of the luminaire manufacturing supply chain, as well as to a radical rethinking of product designs and […]

Future Electronics – Industrial protocol gateway or IoT edge computing engine


• For volatile memories check our Alliance Semiconductor portfolio • For industrial, reliable and long supply time displays check our Tianma portfolio • For SoMs or SBCs we provide various options from Technexion or Iwave systems Specific embedded software and services • Industrial professional IoT software stack from Microsemi (IStaX VSC6817 for Linux) adapted to […]

Future Electronics – Embedded World 2018: showing how to migrate the most popular consumer technologies to industrial applications


Paul Donaldson EMEA Vertical Segment Director Future Electronics It was the day after Christmas. I had just installed a Google Home device on my Wi-Fi® network – a Christmas present to myself – and it was quickly working perfectly. But the voice activating it was not mine. My four year-old daughter had taken an instant […]

Future Electronics – Silicon carbide: time for the adventurous designer to take advantage of the latest standard products


By Erich Niklas Power Specialist FAE, Future Electronics (Central Europe) The performance advantages of Silicon Carbide (SiC), a wide bandgap material, are well known to designers of high-voltage power systems. The drawbacks of the products and the supply chain that supported them, however, have in the past appeared sufficiently serious to dissuade some designers from […]

Future Electronics – Flyback transformer design: practical guidance on minimising losses


There are many possible topologies for a Switch-Mode Power Supply (SMPS), but the most popular for circuits supplying a load less than 150W is the flyback converter. Some estimates go as far as to suggest that up to 75% of offline power supplies use the flyback topology. Many power-system designers are therefore faced with the […]

Future Electronics – Graphics display dev board provides choice of options for sophisticated HMI designs


Future Electronics’ Centre of Excellence has introduced the Amber development board which demonstrates several processing hardware platforms and various LCD displays for sophisticated but low-cost Human-Machine Interface (HMI) designs. Developers using the Amber board can choose one of four microcontrollers from NXP, Microchip and STMicroelectronics, which have integrated graphics controller/accelerator functions. The Amber board is […]

Future Electronics – New technologies in power electronics now set to deliver on their promise


As a new year starts, the electronics industry can look ahead with optimism to the opportunity to rethink and even revolutionise the design of many products’ power systems. Now is the time when a number of technologies start to deliver on their early promise: the reward of dramatically improved performance and functionality is available for […]

Future Electronics – How the latest connectivity technology can open up opportunities for new applications and new products


Connectivity and the Internet of Things are well supported today by manufacturers of RF components and modules, and of other types of connectivity components. This means that the task of embedding connectivity in end-product designs is readily enabled by the electronics supply chain. But if the problem of how to connect devices is more easily […]

Future Electronics – How to successfully connect IoT devices to the cloud: NB-IoT and LoRaWAN technologies compared


By Amar Abid-Ali Vertical Segment Manager Future Connectivity Solutions (a division of Future Electronics) For the past few years, Machine-to-Machine (M2M)and Internet of Things (IoT) applications have relied on 2G and 3G cellular telephone networks for wide-area connectivity. Consumer demand for high-speed broadband coverage on the smartphone has led network providers to supplement these older […]