Future Electronics – Signal Chain


Recommended Parts Microcontrollers 8-bit Arm® Cortex® M0/M0+/M23 Microchip PIC16/18 ATMegaxxPB ATSAML1x ATSAMD ATSAMC STMicroelectronics STM8 STM32L0 STM32F0 NXP Semiconductors Kinetis L LPC8xx Cypress Semiconductor PSoC 4 Cortex M4/PIC32 STMicroelectronics STM32F4 STM32L4/L4+ NXP Semiconductors Kinetis K LPC546xx Microchip PIC32MX PIC32MZ SAM4E ATSAMD5x/ATSAME5x Cypress Semiconductor FM4 Cortex M7 STMicroelectronics STM32F7 STM32H7 NXP Semiconductors iMX RT Microchip ATSAMS70/E70/V7x […]

Future Electronics – Maximising the efficiency of DC-DC converters: how to take advantage of the latest topologies and techniques


By Robert Gabrysiak Applications Engineer, Future Electronics (Poland) For some years, the designers of medium- and high-power electronics systems have been under intense pressure to improve efficiency at full and light load, in order both to ensure compliance with increasingly tight limits to power consumption imposed by governments, and to help end users to reduce […]

Future Electronics – Precision, accuracy and flexibility: new products bring the best of digital and analog to the signal chain


Amar Abid-Ali Vertical Segment Director Future Electronics A properly functioning signal chain is essential to any interaction between electronics and the real world. The design of a high-performance signal chain presents engineering challenges which differ from application to application. For all, however, the goal is broadly the same: to process signals accurately and precisely enough […]

Future Electronics – How innovative LED package technology enables new solid-state lighting designs


The popular high-power LEDs in use today are all formed of three basic elements: ● A ceramic substrate, generally made of aluminium oxide (also known as alumina) or of aluminium nitride. ● The LED chip, consisting of a die and a phosphor coating. This is affixed on top of the substrate. ● An overmoulded silicone […]

Future Electronics – Secure, connected device: recommended parts


Microcontroller (MCU), microprocessor (MPU) More microcontrollers with dedicated security functions are coming on to the market. Those developed according to security standards help OEMs to gain security certification, and provide the highest level of protection against probing and physical attack. Cypress Semiconductor PSoC® 6 family including the PSoC 63, with integrated Bluetooth® Low Energy radio […]

Future Electronics – New potential for electronics products to sense real-world phenomena with introduction of more intelligent sensors


Alex Watson EMEA Business Development Manager, Sensors Future Electronics As a global broadline distributor supporting manufacturers in every sector of industry, Future Electronics has the privilege of serving customers which are generating the fast growth we see today in demand for smart and connected products. And the company hears a clear message from its customers: […]

Future Electronics – Intelligent Sensing: recommended parts and manufacturers


Sensor Hub MCU Dual-core MCUs (Arm® Cortex®-M0+ and Cortex-M4F) are well suited for intelligent sensor hubs in consumer or industrial applications. • Cortex-M0+ based sub-system enables system monitoring, Bluetooth® or communication stack hosting, real-time sensor aggregation • Cortex-M4F based sub-system enables digital signal processing such as sensor fusion engine, audio/acoustic processing, vibration analytics, pattern recognition, […]

Future Electronics – Why the best choice for upgrading an 8-bit MCU might be… another 8-bit MCU


By Ian Fosberry Field Applications Engineer, Future Electronics The upgrade path for the user of a conventional 8-bit microcontroller which has reached the limit of its capabilities, and which cannot support the application’s requirement for more features and better performance, is in most cases assumed to be a 32-bit MCU. The 32-bit device will execute […]

Future Electronics – Motor Control: recommended parts and manufacturers


PROCESSING MCUs with associated motor-control libraries STMicroelectronics’ STM32 NXP’s Kinetis E1xF ; V3x/V4x/V5x Microchip’s PIC32 MK, MC or ATSAMD5x/E5x or dsPIC33EP/EV Cypress’ PSOC or FM4 For high-end application (industrial robotics, very high-speed, >100k/rpm or high precision. FPGAs such as Microsemi’s SmartFusion 2 SoC (Cortex®-M3 + FPGA) with motor control algorithms implemented in FPGA. Software enablement […]

Future Electronics – Why the market for motor-control systems and components is set for steady and rapid growth


Adil Saleem EMEA Technical Product Marketing Manager Future Electronics The amount of sophisticated, electronically controlled motors under development in many sectors of the electronics market, is growing fast. The car is a perfect illustration of the reason for this. The number of electric motors per vehicle is increasing at a rapid pace – there can […]