Future Electronics – Sleek, colourful, sophisticated: the embedded HMI comes of age


Sebastien Lozac’h Vertical Segment Manager (Embedded Solutions) Future Electronics The Application Spotlight theme of this issue of FTM, the Future Technology Magazine from Future Electronics, is embedded design and the Human-Machine Interface (HMI). In this spotlight section, you can find the latest components and technologies for advanced HMI designs, including: application examples from STMicroelectronics showing […]

Future Electronics – Smartphone UI quality in an embedded system: the capability of new graphics hardware in today’s microcontrollers


By John Robins Business Development Manager for Embedded Solutions Future Electronics (EMEA) Only a few years ago, a microcontroller’s graphics capability was limited to rendering monochrome lines or patterns and simple images on a plain background for display on a small, low-resolution display. A typical example is the set of small display screens in the […]

Overview – Our more crowded, more urban world: an opportunity for technology OEMs


Our world is changing fast: populations are growing, and more of these increasing populations are living in cities. Mobility is cheaper and easier than it has ever been. All of this means that people are moving more, and faster, and the world is becoming more crowded. Whether in airports, train stations, stadiums, shopping centres or […]

Future Electronics – Development board demonstrates thermal video imaging at 80 x 60px resolution


Future Electronics has developed a ready-made hardware and software platform for streaming thermal video images using a thermal imaging camera and the Future Electronics/ Microsemi Creative Board. The system may be used for people movement applications such as occupancy sensing and, in combination with video analytics software, for detecting the flow of movement of crowds […]

Future Electronics – FLIR Lepton® LWIR thermal imaging camera demo on Microsemi IGLOO®2 creative board


By: Future Electronics System Design Center Often engineers choose microcontrollers over Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs), because they assume that MCUs are cheaper, easier to programme and more reliable. The truth is, you can make microcontrollers with FPGAs, but not the opposite. An FPGA is a device which enables a developer to synthesize digital circuits. […]

Future Electronics – Graphics display-based HMIs: the capabilities of the latest MCUs


By Justin Palmer Supplier Development Manager, Future Electronics (EMEA) The evidence from consumer research, analyst reports, OEM customer feedback and the forecasts from semiconductor manufacturers all point in the same direction: few embedded designers will be immune over the next five years from pressure to dramatically enhance the capabilities, mode of operation and appeal of […]

Future Electronics – Real-time industrial Ethernet’s time has come with introduction of the latest reference design platform


One of the most striking characteristics of the new era we have entered, the phenomenon that we call ‘Industry 4.0’, is the profusion of data with which industrial equipment designers have to contend. Of course, the availability of data about a piece of equipment and the application it runs is of tremendous benefit both to […]

Future Electronics – Greater sensor integration offers new sources of value in end-product designs


During the 1980s and 1990s, the semiconductor industry’s most exciting advances came in the digital domain, the progress of Moore’s Law helping to continually reduce the cost and increase the performance of computing devices. Today, consumers are less driven than before by regular PC upgrade cycles, and the semiconductor industry’s attention is now as much […]

Future Electronics – Small, low-power and low-cost FPGAs: a valid alternative to the MCU in embedded designs?


By Pawel Makyla, Central Applications Engineer, Future Electronics (EMEA) and Wafy Butty, FPGA Specialist, Future Electronics (Central Europe) The microcontroller is the default choice of core component in almost every portable or low-power embedded design today. Microcontrollers are cheap, small, use little power, and are familiar and easy to work with. Given these attributes, it […]

Future Electronics – System optimisation: the new challenge in lighting equipment design


François Mirand EMEA Technical Director, Future Lighting Solutions For the past ten years or so, engineers working on new luminaire and lighting equipment designs have been able to make easy gains in performance and efficiency by exploiting the regular advances in technology introduced by manufacturers of LEDs. Now, it is no longer so simple: a […]