Hirose – Compact 160A power connector suitable for DIN rail or panel mounting


Hirose’s EF1 series of in-line power connectors are small but provide a 160A maximum current rating for use in demanding industrial applications. The EF1 series consists of a DIN rail-mount in-line receptacle and plug and a panel-mount in-line receptacle and plug, both of which accept high-power crimp contacts. The innovative connector design allows the crimped […]

Hirose – FPC/FFC connectors robust enough for use in automotive applications


Hirose has introduced the FH52 series, a family of Flat Flexible Cable/Flat Printed Circuit (FFC/FPC) connectors which meet the stringent requirements of automotive applications. The connector housing incorporates a robust locking structure which ensures that the actuator cannot be removed even under rough operating conditions. The rotating actuator is supported by the tips of the […]

Hirose – Low-profile board-to-board connector supports transmission rates higher than 10Gbits/s


Hirose has introduced the ER8 series of connectors which supports high- speed signal transmission at rates higher than 10Gbits/s. It is suitable for use in industrial applications. The ER8 contacts offer excellent signal integrity, to ensure the reliability of high-speed signal transmission. The connector features an excellent insertion loss-to-crosstalk ratio. A 5 aggressor differential Far […]

Hirose – 25A board-to-board connector features misalignment absorption structure


Hirose’s FX30B series of board-to-board connectors couples a high current capacity with the ability to absorb mating tolerances in designs comprised of multiple connectors. The connectors feature an innovative contact structure which allows for horizontal movement of up to ±0.3mm and +1mm vertically, enabling it to absorb mating misalignment and dimensional errors. The blade contacts […]

Hirose – Robust wire-to-board connectors have small board footprint


Hirose has introduced the DF52 series of space-saving wire-to-board connectors for applications requiring high strength and durability. The connector range consists of crimp plugs and right-angle receptacles in a single row. The mated height profile is just 1.75mm, and the depth of the connector is 4.1mm, reducing the space on the board dedicated to connections. […]

Hirose – Shorter USB Type-C receptacle saves space in densely populated board layouts


Hirose has developed a mid-mount USB Type-C receptacle which offers a compact footprint to save board space. The new CX series connector, which conforms to the specifications of the USB 3.1 standard, is only 8.35mm deep. By comparison, conventional USB Type-C connectors are longer, up to 9.4mm. The use of the new smaller connector frees […]

Hirose – New FFC/FPC connector can be inserted by machine on the production line


Hirose’s new FH63 series of Flat Flexible Circuit (FFC) or Flat Printed Circuit (FPC) connectors enables automated insertion for efficient end-product assembly. A unique single-action lock allows an FFC or FPC to be inserted into the connector without opening the lock lever. This can be done with one hand or by a machine, helping to […]

Hirose – Compact FPC-to-board connectors support USB3.1 connectivity


Hirose’s BM28 series of connectors provides robust, high-power performance in small devices requiring USB3.1 connectivity. The BM28 range of connectors consists of headers and receptacles which provide a hybrid power and signal connection between a Flat Printed Circuit (FPC) and a board. When mated, the BM28’s parallel stack height is only 0.6mm with a narrow […]

Hirose – Robust FPC-to-board connector has very low profile


Hirose’s BM29 series provides robust, high-power and space-saving connections for applications in which space is limited, as in many portable and consumer devices. The BM29 range of connectors consists of plugs and receptacles to provide a power and signal connection between a Flat Printed Circuit (FPC) and a board. The compact design of the BM29 […]

Hirose – Connector for LED lighting modules makes installation easy


Hirose has launched a user-friendly wire-to-board connector for LED lighting modules. The KN27 series may be used to replace traditional terminal blocks in LED modules. Its innovative design eliminates the need to screw down the connection and to check for loosened terminal block screws. It therefore offers a more reliable termination which reduces installation variability, […]