IDT – Sensor signal conditioner with on-board DSP performs compensation and correction


The ZSSC3018 from IDT is a sensor signal conditioner IC which provides accurate amplification and digitisation of differential or pseudo-differential input signals. Intended for use in circuits containing a high-resolution sensor module, the ZSSC3018 can perform offset, span, and first- and second-order temperature compensation of the measured signal. Corrected sensor values are provided at the […]

IDT – Compact clock generators exceed jitter requirements of PCIe Gen4


IDT offers a comprehensive portfolio of PCI Express® (PCIe) clock generators that provide two, four, six or eight outputs. The 9FG timing family targets power- and space-constrained designs in both consumer and high- performance applications, providing enterprise-level performance while lowering the total cost of ownership. IDT offers the high-performance 9FG devices in three series: the […]

IDT – Reflective RF switches offer low distortion and low insertion loss


A new family of single-pole, double-throw reflective RF switches from IDT, which operate over a frequency range from 5MHz to 10GHz, offer an outstanding mix of low insertion loss, high isolation, low distortion and high power handling. The F2972 and F2976, housed in compact 2mm x 2mm packages, are specified for use in either 50Ω […]

Integrated Device Technology – Reference design kit demonstrates efficient 15W wireless power application


IDT has introduced two reference kits for wireless power charger applications supplying from 5W to 15W. The IDT wireless power reference solution is comprised of a transmitter board, the P9242- R-EVK, and a receiver board, the P9221-R-EVK. Both comply with the Wireless Power Consortium’s WPC-1.2.2 standard, marketed to consumers under the Qi® brand. The IDT […]