Lattice – Latest IP cores for CrossLink FPGAs provide flexible video- bridging capabilities

Lattice Semiconductor has introduced seven new modular IP cores for its award-winning CrossLink FPGA product. These modular IP cores offer the building blocks for users to create their own unique video-bridging solutions. The cores are typically used to bridge between MIPIĀ® and other traditional or legacy display and camera interfaces.

Murata – Introducing tiny RAIN RFID tag


Murata has released the LXMSJZNCMF-198, its latest RAIN RFID tag intended to be embedded in end-product applications. The product combines a RAIN RFID chip and an antenna to create a complete RFID tag which has a 1.25mm2 footprint and a height of only 0.55mm. This makes it ideal for use in eyewear, watches and other […]

Panasonic – New 3D LiDAR sensor gives wide angle of view

Panasonic Industry Europe has announced the development of 3D Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) sensor equipment which measures the distance to an object by measuring the round-trip travel time of a pulse laser directed at the object. Using proprietary Panasonic laser-scanning technology, this 3D LiDAR is capable of scanning over a viewing angle as wide […]