Microchip – Wireless Connectivity for Any Design


Connecting your design to the web, the cloud and other devices just got a whole lot easier with Microchip’s large portfolio of easy to use wireless solutions. Drop-in modules and plug and play development tools are designed to be easy to use for fast prototypes, and even faster time to market. As an industry leader, […]

Microchip – Upgraded design software for PIC32 MCUs includes better graphics development tools

The new version 2.0 of Microchip’s MPLAB® Harmony firmware development framework for PIC32 microcontrollers has been released, enabling users to create smaller and more efficient code for faster and more cost-effective devices. Harmony 2.0 also includes a new Graphics Composer Suite, which adds tools for graphic asset utilisation management, image transformation including format conversion, compression […]

Microchip – Bluetooth Low Energy modules offer built-in beacon functionality


Microchip’s RN487x series of Bluetooth® Low Energy (LE) radio modules provides a simple means to integrate short-range RF connectivity into an end-product without the need for RF expertise or wireless certification. The modules are expected to find many uses in people-movement applications. Bluetooth LE provides a standard, very low-power wireless link to any Bluetooth host […]

Microchip – LoRa module provides long range and low data rate for occupancy-sensing applications


The RN2483 from Microchip is a highly integrated LoRa® wireless modem which provides a long-range, low-power link to a remote gateway for sensors and other devices used in wide-area people-movement applications. Occupancy and presence sensing, an increasingly popular people-movement application, can benefit from both the long range and low data rate of a LoRaWANTM network. […]

Microchip – Industry’s first MCU with integrated 2D GPU and DDR2 memory

Microchip has introduced the 32-bit PIC32MZ DA, the industry’s first microcontroller to feature an integrated 2D Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) and up to 32Mbytes of DDR2 DRAM. This combination gives customers the ability to increase their application’s colour resolution and to support display sizes up to 12 inches. The new PIC32MZ DA is backed by […]

Microchip – New security MCU features hardware cryptography engine

Microchip has announced the CEC1702, a microcontroller with hardware cryptography capability which addresses the increasing need for security measures, such as secure boot, in Internet of Things applications. The CEC1702 is a full-featured ARM® Cortex®-M4-based MCU which offers easy-to-use encryption and authentication functions, in addition to private and public key capabilities.

Microchip – Tiny MEMS oscillators offer low power consumption

Microchip’s latest DSC6000 MEMS oscillators excel as clock references in small, battery-powered industrial or automotive applications. Combining low power consumption with high frequency stability and stable jitter performance, the DSC6000 devices are available in a small surface-mount package with a footprint of 1.6mm x 1.2mm. The oscillators provide a frequency range from 2kHz to 80MHz.

Microchip – Microchip announces first automotive-grade PIC32 MCUs


Microchip has extended its 32-bit PIC32MZ EF microcontroller family to include automotive- grade parts for the first time. It has also introduced a higher-speed variant operating over the industrial temperature range. The automotive-grade parts are AEC-Q100 Grade 1 qualified for operation over a temperature range from -40°C to 125°C. The higher-speed PIC32MZ EF MCU now […]

Microchip – Hardware platform supports new cloud-based design tool for PIC MCUs


     Microchip has introduced an evaluation board to provide a ready-made hardware environment in which to start working with its new cloud-based MPLAB Xpress Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for PIC® microcontrollers. MPLAB Xpress is an online development environment which contains the most popular features of Microchip’s MPLAB X IDE. This simplified and distilled application is […]

Microchip – Module implements complete Bluetooth v3.0 audio system


The small RN52 Bluetooth® audio module from Microchip provides a complete solution for producing a high-quality stereo audio output over a Bluetooth radio link. The 13.5mm x 26mm x 2.7mm RN52 combines a Class 2 Bluetooth radio, baseband controller and embedded DSP processor, controlled and configured by simple ASCII commands. The module, which supports various […]