News In Brief – Featuring Murata, Lumileds & Cypress Semiconductor


Module combines USB data communication and power supply Murata has introduced the NMUSB2022PMC, a surface-mount powered data isolator module which provides dual-port USB data and power isolation from a single upstream port. When used in conjunction with a USB host, a single NMUSB2022PMC module operates as two USB hubs for cascaded applications, and provides a […]

Murata – Efficient, compact DC-DC converters for industrial and railway equipment


Murata has launched the IRS-Q48 series of encapsulated DC-DC converters for industrial and railway applications. The Murata Power Solutions 50W modules in an industry- standard 1/16th-brick pin-out provide excellent efficiency of up to 91% using a fixed-frequency switching power-supply architecture. Parts in the IRS-Q48 series operate from a universal input-voltage range of 18V to 75V […]

Murata – Safety-certified capacitor for highvoltage industrial applications


Murata has released a new capacitor for applications such as industrial three-phase AC power supplies or inverters for the drive stage of a three-phase motor. The DE1 series Type RB product has been certified as X1 class for its rated 760V AC voltage. The new device complies with the specifications of the IEC 60384-14 standard […]

Murata – Small DC-DC converter now with wider input and output ranges

Murata has extended its MonoBlock-type series of point-of-load DC-DC converter modules, widening the input and output range while halving the mounting area compared to Murata’s conventional models. The new MYSGK02506BRSR has an input- voltage range up from 13.5V to 42V, while the stable output range has widened from 5V to 25V. Maximum output current is […]

Murata – Introducing tiny RAIN RFID tag


Murata has released the LXMSJZNCMF-198, its latest RAIN RFID tag intended to be embedded in end-product applications. The product combines a RAIN RFID chip and an antenna to create a complete RFID tag which has a 1.25mm2 footprint and a height of only 0.55mm. This makes it ideal for use in eyewear, watches and other […]

Murata – Introduces plug-and-play SoM for Google’s Android Things

Murata has introduced a System-On-Module (SoM) for Google’s Android Things, a trusted Internet of Things (IoT) platform. Developers can use Murata’s new SprIoT 6UL SoM as a turnkey hardware solution that readily enables scaling from prototypes to complete products. The module, which is an approved Google device, integrates a system-on-chip, RAM, Flash memory, Wi-Fi® and […]

Murata – Murata launches dual-protocol LoRa/ SIGFOX RF module

Murata has added a SIGFOX protocol stack to co-exist alongside the LoRaWANTM stack on its compact Type ABZ RF module. By providing both LoRaWAN and SIGFOX capabilities worldwide on a single hardware platform, Murata allows customers to decide which network technology serves their application best depending on location, service requirements and cost. Murata’s module, which […]

Murata – Launch of world’s smallest polymer aluminium capacitor

Murata has developed the world’s first polymer aluminium electrolytic capacitor to be packaged in the 1411 B case, which measures 3.5mm × 2.8mm. The tiny device, which offers a capacitance rating of 33μF, is suitable for use in mobile devices and other highly space-constrained applications. The new ECNSB41C336M040L has a rated voltage of 16V DC, […]

Murata – Low-profile supercapacitors offer energy capacity up to 470μF


Murata’s DMT series of supercapacitors provides a compact source of auxiliary or back-up power for end-products with a low profile, such as solid-state disks and smart cards. The thinnest Electric Double-Layer Capacitor (EDLC) supercapacitor in the DMT series, the DMT3N4R2U224M3DTA0, is just 2.2mm high. Designers can use the DMT series supercapacitors to stabilise the power […]