OSRAM – New Bluetooth module enables sophisticated lighting control over Bluetooth link to smartphone


OSRAM has introduced the OPTOTRONIC® OT BLE DIM, a dimmer module which uses a Bluetooth® Low Energy radio network to enable lighting control via a smartphone app. It offers a simple, intuitive and powerful method for users to control lighting without the need for additional wiring. The use of the OT BLE DIM makes the […]

OSRAM – Specialist LED modules for retail displays highlight the appeal of food and clothing


The PrevaLED® Core G7 Food and Fashion LED modules from OSRAM offer special light colours for food and fashion applications. They provide an excellent way to enhance the shopping experience. It is thought that the quality of light can encourage customers to stay longer in the store and might influence buying decisions. PrevaLED Core G7 […]

OSRAM – New DEXAL power and signal interface transforms luminaires into networked smart lights


OSRAM’s DEXAL® is a non-proprietary, intra-luminaire interface which is based on the DALI® communications standard for lighting equipment. It provides a power channel and enables bi-directional communication between a compatible OSRAM OPTOTRONIC® LED driver and DEXAL components integrated in lighting fixtures. This DEXAL technology allows manufacturers to create smart, connected lighting fixtures with just a […]

OSRAM – Users set to gain health and well-being benefits from new generation of human-centric lighting schemes


By Andreas Wojtysiak, Nicolai Heber and Peter Bach, OSRAM The LED has emerged in the 21st century as the dominant light-source technology, largely supplanting the traditional incandescent technologies that illuminated buildings throughout the previous century. Originally, the appeal of LED lighting systems rested largely on their long operating lifetime and their high efficacy. Improvements to […]

OSRAM – LED lamp drivers include new DEXAL power and data interface for smart lighting fixtures


OSRAM has launched two OPTOTRONIC linear LED drivers rated for output power of 30W and 50W which support the new Data Exchange for Advanced Lighting (DEXAL) data and power interface for smart lighting fixtures. The 30W OTi 30/120-277/1A0 DX L and the 50W OTi 50/120-277/1A4 DX L are the first LED drivers to make the […]

Lumileds & OSRAM – How to fast-track design of spotlights and accent lights with perfectly matching CoB LEDs and drivers


By Francois Mirand Technical Director, Future Lighting Solutions Retailers, grocers and the hospitality industry discovered some years ago the benefits of replacing older light source technologies with solid-state LED lighting in accent lights and spotlights. LEDs consume less power, lowering operating costs. They generate less heat, cause less damage to merchandise on display. And they […]

OSRAM – Light is the efficiency booster LED-based industrial lighting


Special ambient conditions in production and logistics facilities call for lighting components with long lifetimes, a wide temperature range, a high intensity of illumination a high quality of light for safe and effective working. In order to cut costs while providing high-quality light, many luminaire manufacturers today rely on robust LED components and intelligent control […]

OSRAM – New range of 24V DALI LED drivers for tunable white lighting applications


OSRAM has introduced a series of 24V DALI drivers which offers a constant-voltage output for use in tunable white lighting applications. The OTi DALI drivers produce flicker-free light. They have a particularly small cross-section of only 32mm x 22mm, and support dimming down to 0.1%. These LED DALI drivers can be used with various control […]

OSRAM – Sophisticated LED driver in housing just 11mm high fits in new ultra-slim luminaire design styles


The innovative Optotronic UltraFlat DALI LED driver from Osram Digital Systems enables lighting equipment manufacturers to create unique, design-oriented luminaires with an effective installation depth of just 11mm. When the driver is combined with the Osram UltraFlat light and motion sensor and the extra- slim PrevaLED® Linear Slim LED module, the resulting OSRAM UltraFlat-System provides […]