Panasonic – Compact connectors with excellent shock and vibration resistance


Panasonic has developed narrow-pitch, board-to-board and board-to-Flat Printed Circuit (FPC) connectors which use TOUGH CONTACT technology. In addition to their excellent shock and vibration resistance, these connectors feature an ultra-slim profile, which makes them ideally suited to applications in which space is restricted. Board-to-board connectors are comprised of two halves: socket and header. This connector […]

Panasonic – FPC/FFC connectors give reliable performance and long lifetime


The Panasonic range of Flat Printed Circuit (FPC)/Flexible Flat Cable (FFC) narrow-pitch connectors benefit from TOUCH CONTACT technology to provide excellent shock and vibration resistance, giving reliable performance and a long lifetime in the end application. An FPC/FFC connector is a one-piece connector which makes the connection with a directly inserted FPC or FFC, and […]

Panasonic – Understanding hybrid and polymer capacitors


Specifying capacitors might seem a simple task, but it has actually become more complicated in recent years. The reason is growing freedom of choice. The universe of capacitors has expanded greatly over the past few years, in large part because of the new capacitor technologies which have provided many advances in conductive polymer solutions. These […]

Panasonic – High-power relays offer silent, reliable switching capability


The new AQZ-G series of high-power PhotoMOS® relays from Panasonic Electric Works combines the benefits of traditional electro-mechanical relays with the capability of a state-of-the-art semiconductor-based solid-state relay. The AQZ-G series relays perform reliable, silent switching of AC and DC loads up to 600V or 6A while remaining immune to mechanical wear and tear. The […]

Panasonic – New light-touch switches benefit from excellent tactile feedback


Panasonic Industry Europe has launched a series of small side-operated surface-mount light-touch switches for portable electronic equipment. The EVPAK series switches have a footprint of just 3.9mm x 2.1mm excluding the push plate. They are 1.6mm high. These single-pole, single-throw, snap-action switches offer excellent tactile feedback from switch travel of just 0.12mm and minimum operating […]

Panasonic – High-density PIR motion sensor detects presence of human body over range of up to 17m


Panasonic has extended its PaPIRs family of passive infrared presence-detection sensors with new long-distance types which are capable of detecting a human body up to 17m away. The long-distance PaPIRs sensors feature a very small optic, enabling easy integration into space-constrained housings. The new long-distance pyroelectric sensors are additions to two series of PaPIRs devices: […]

Panasonic – Low-profile latching-type relay features a high power rating


Panasonic has launched a new, low- profile version of its proven 16A DW-H latching-type relay. The reduced height of the new DW-HL relay means that it is ideally suited to building automation equipment and to the Internet of Things, for which it can be accommodated in devices such as smart switches, smart sockets and in-wall […]

Panasonic – New light-touch switches offer stable and low contact resistance


Panasonic Industry Europe has introduced a series of surface-mount light- touch switches for use in automotive systems, communications equipment and consumer devices. The new EVPAS series switches benefit from stable and low contact resistance of up to 100mΩ. Featuring J-bent-type terminals, they offer excellent solderability. They have a small footprint of 6.0mm x 6.1mm, and […]

Panasonic – New edge-mount switches occupy very small footprint


Panasonic Industry Europe has launched the EVPAT, a new edge-mount Light Touch switch which has a small footprint of just 3.4mm x 1.7mm. The switch’s height on the PCB after installation is just 1.1mm. Because of the edge-mount structure of the EVPAT switch, it can resist the actuation force of the user operating the switch. […]

Panasonic – New power inductors for automotive applications feature high heat and vibration resistance


Panasonic Industry Europe has launched a series of reliable power inductors for automotive and other applications which require tolerance of high temperatures of up to 150°C and resistance to vibrations of up to 30g. Benefitting from a shielded construction, the new ETQ-P3M surface-mount inductors are ideal for use in switching power-conversion systems operating at frequencies […]