Semtech – Solid-state relay driver performs measurements and power-harvesting functions


The TS13401 from Semtech is a galvanically isolated power FET driver IC with bi-directional blocking. The maximum voltage is governed by the external FET selection. The TS13401 supports several sensing and measurement functions: the switch state, load current, supply voltage and device temperature can all be sampled. In addition, the TS13401 supports energy harvesting from […]

Semtech – High-performance buck regulators aimed at high-voltage applications


Semtech has announced an extension to its high-voltage power-management platform with the introduction of the TS3004x family of integrated switching buck regulators. The new product family is aimed at high- performance applications that operate from an input voltage of up to 40V, in markets such as industrial, telecoms and consumer equipment. The TS3004x product family […]

Semtech – New 15W infrastructure wireless charging system is Qi- and PMA-compliant


Semtech has launched an Infrastructure Wireless Charging System called the LinkCharge which is ready out-of-the-box for use in public enterprise and consumer settings. The 91mm x 82mm LinkCharge supports most standards-compliant receivers, including Qi and PMA, as well as fast-charging phones operating at 9W and applications based on a proprietary charging protocol. The system uses […]

Semtech – Versatile RF receiver has programmable configuration


The SX1239 from Semtech is a highly integrated RF receiver capable of operation over a wide frequency range up to 1GHz, including the 433MHz, 868MHz and 915MHz licence- free ISM bands. Its highly integrated architecture allows designers to implement a complete receiver circuit with minimal external components while maintaining design flexibility. All the main RF […]

Semtech – A World of SolutionsTM


Semtech High Reliability Semiconductors: For Undersea, Space and Anywhere In Between Our high performance, rugged and reliable product portfolio for aerospace, idustrial, medical and military applications includes: QPL Discretes (Rectifiers, Zener and TVS Diodes), SiC Schottky Diodes, Catalog and Custom Epoxy Molded Diode Assemblies, Catalog and Custom ISOPACTM Diode Assemblies and AEC-Q100 Qualified DC-DC Solutions.

Semtech – A World of Solutions


Semtech LoRa RF technology is a low power, long range, wireless platform that connects battery-operated mobile or portable devices to an Internet of Things (IoT) or machine-to-machine (M2M) network infrastructure. The LoRa RF Transceivers and Concentrators use minimal power while providing long range wireless connectivity making it an effective IoT solution for mobile network operators […]

Semtech Power Management Products


Wireless Charging Single controller, multiple standards Medium & High power Low-power Flexible, firmware based Neo-IsoTM Isolated Power Small form factor Silent operation Fast switching times Ideal relay replacement DC-DC Converters Buck & boost High efficiency Fast response smallest footprint   LDOs Ultra-lowlq Low voltage LED Drivers High efficiency Low noise Advanced dimming Ultra-thin solution   […]